Nautilus Calls for Halt to Abuse of REG Ship Registries

first_imgzoom Maritime trade union Nautilus has urged the UK government to clamp down on the operation of so-called Red Ensign Group (REG) ship registries from the same locations.In letters to foreign secretary Boris Johnson and shipping minister John Hayes, the union informed that the evidence of tax avoidance in UK overseas territories, revealed in the ‘Paradise Papers’, showed widespread use of UK territories and dependencies such as Bermuda, Gibraltar, the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands to create mechanisms for companies and individuals to avoid tax liabilities.“The papers contain extensive references to members of the Red Ensign Group (REG) which offer shipowners considerable incentives as well as the opportunity to use low-cost labour. Essentially, we believe they also serve as another form of tax haven subsidised by the British taxpayer,” Mark Dickinson, General secretary of Nautilus International, said, adding that the UK’s relationship with the REG is inherently damaging for its domestic maritime policy objectives.The 2016 Shipping Fleet Statistics showed that the UK Ship Register (UKSR) now accounts for just 26% of the total REG deadweight tonnage, and the most recent UNCTAD Maritime Report showed that more than 80% of UK deadweight tonnage is registered with foreign flags.Additionally, Dickinson said that there is evidence that some of the REG registers fail to discharge their IMO/ILO convention responsibilities to the same level as the UKSR, and some are classed as Flags of Convenience (FoC) by the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF).“FoC registries, including those in the REG, make it more difficult for unions, industry stakeholders and the public to hold shipowners to account,” he said, adding that the publication of the Paradise Papers raises further questions about their long-term political sustainability.“The OECD in particular has been working towards increasing transparency and exchange of information among countries, and these moves will inevitably increase the pressure on the FoC system. Nautilus supports the ITF position that there should be a genuine link between the real owner of a vessel and the flag the vessel flies, in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS),” according to Dickinson.The General secretary called for ministers to make the findings of the Department for Transport’s study of the commercialisation of UKSR publicly available and ensure there is open debate on its recommendations.“There is, according to UNCTAD, 41 million dwt of tonnage beneficially owned in the UK but registered in these exotic locations. It’s time to bring those ships to the UKSR. Otherwise the suspicion will persist, as the Panama and now the Paradise Papers show, that the shipping industry is an integral part of a global and dirty business of tax and regulatory avoidance,” Dickinson concluded.last_img read more

Garth Brooks Issues Call To Action To Help Louisiana Flood Victims

first_imgLast night, Garth Brooks issued a call to action to help the Louisiana flood victims during Inside Studio G: A Monday Night Conversation, his weekly Facebook Live series that features personal stories from Garth’s time on the road, insight into the creation of his new album, and even some sneak peeks at the new music and lyrics.“Inside Studio G” will air on Garth’s Facebook Page every Monday at 7:00pm ET / 4:00pm PT during the making of his new album.Garth was back in the studio this week, after a special episode last week took him offsite to announce that he’s teaming up with CBS Sports for SEC ON CBS. Back in Studio G, with his guitar in hand once again, he showed fans footage from his work with Habitat For Humanity, noting that his hammering skills have earned him the nickname “Lightning” since he “never hit the same place twice.”He then took a moment to discuss the current situation in Louisiana, drawing viewers’ attention to the natural disaster that swept through the state and asking those interested to donate to the American Red Cross and The Salvation Army. He continued with a series of #AskGarth fan questions with fans who posted from all over, adding how much he loves interacting with fans during that segment of the show.Watch the video here.last_img read more

Banning Much Loved is Protecting Freedom of Expression Minister

Taroudant- Mustapha Elkhalfi, Minister of Communication, said on Thursday in Rabat that the decision to ban the projection of Much Loved (Fik Zine Li) in Morocco serves to protect freedom of expression.Speaking at the session of oral questions in the Chamber of Advisers, the minister said that his department made the decision to “protect freedom of expression, which absolutely does not mean freedom of absurdity and destruction in cinema.”The minister added that banning the screening of “Much Loved” is implicitly refusing to grant the recommendation, endorsement or institutional recognition for this production, “as international charters stipulate that freedom of expression is governed by the law,” noting that the ministry has taken this legal decision after measuring the extent of damage this film would do to the image of Morocco. Asked by the parliamentary group of the Popular Movement in the House of Advisors, the minister said that “the decision (to ban the film) was made under the law,” while indicating that he had nothing “against art and freedom of expression.”Mustapha El Khalfi also indicated that the scenario presented by Nabil Ayouch in the design of the film and the one presented in the final version of the film are different.El Khalfi said that the director of the Cinematographic Centre who saw the film was “surprised” to see that the scenario presented to receive the filming permit has nothing to do with the content of the film.During his speech, Mustapha El Khalfi said that two films namely “Hate Crimes” and “The Apostle” were banned respectively in England and France for non-compliance with the law. read more

Burkina Fasos children educate children about HIV in UNsupported project

2 April 2008Thousands of children in Burkina Faso are taking part in peer education programmes to promote awareness among the country’s young about the scourge of HIV/AIDS under a project backed by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). The African Youth Network Against AIDS, the youth arm of a non-governmental organization supported by UNICEF, has sponsored a network of clubs for young people that has grown to almost 2,000 and in which sport, education and other activities are used to teach awareness about how to avoid the disease.Club discussions are based on the children’s existing knowledge and misconceptions – often drawn from the street – about HIV, with some teenagers or younger children chosen as peer educators to clarify whether the information aired is correct.One of the educators is Kiemde, a 12-year-old who lost his father two years ago to HIV/AIDS. His club holds activities at weekends in Bissighin, on the outskirts of Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, and has about 25 members.“I believe we young people need to be sufficiently informed about HIV/AIDS to better know how to avoid it,” he said, adding that it is sometimes difficult to persuade local children to participate in club activities.“At first, many of my classmates were reluctant to join the club, pretending HIV/AIDS is adults’ business. Now that they can perceive some of the benefits we get from our discussions, they understand this is their business, too.”Burkina Faso is one of many countries in sub-Saharan Africa to be hit hard by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. About 17,000 Burkinabé children aged 14 and under are currently estimated to be living with HIV. read more

Canadian officials receive UN training on dealing with refugees

“We view these opportunities to share information as a service and an investment,” said UNHCR Senior Protection Officer Hy Shelow, who facilitated the sessions last month in Toronto.“Canada is an important protection partner for UNHCR, including globally, and it is crucial that officers who are responsible for access to territory and to procedures also have a larger view of the procedures and what they mean to people.”Some 30 staff of the Citizenship and Immigration (CIC) Etobicoke office and the Refugee Eligibility and Admissibility Unit of the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) at Pearson International Airport received the training, which is offered year-round across the country.The training at Pearson Airport was directed at the new CBSA unit established last December, which assesses admissibility to Canada and eligibility to go before the Immigration and Refugee Board. Asylum seekers receive a streamlined refugee intake examination, with appointments scheduled for within three days of their arrival in Canada.“We are happy to see that such a unit has been established in line with UNHCR’s recommendations,” said Abraham Abraham, UNHCR’s representative in Canada. “We hope to continue working closely with CBSA, contributing to the special skills base for officers working with asylum-seekers at ports of entry.”Karen Thompson at Etobicoke CIC said many staff had found the UNHCR training “an eye-opening experience,” placing refugee protection in the context of the global context. “We believe that such training gives our staff a renewed sense of purpose and dedication for their work.” 5 February 2009Employees of two Canadian Government agencies recently received training from the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees (UNHCR) to enable them to better address refugee and asylum issues. read more

UN mission confirms shooting incident in EthiopiaEritrea security zone

A commander of the Eritrean militia in the area reported to UNMEE that two Eritrean militiamen on patrol duty in the village of Fawlina came under close-range small-arms fire from three to five uniformed men last Saturday morning. In the exchange of fire, one Eritrean apparently was killed.“UNMEE can confirm from forensic evidence that a firing incident did take place. The Ethiopian Ministry of Defence has categorically denied any Ethiopian military involvement in this incident,” the Mission’s Force Commander, Major General Robert Gordon, said in a statement. He added that investigators had visited the area.Fawlina is two or three kilometres inside the temporary security zone (TSZ), UNMEE said. A permanent boundary between the two countries is to be demarcated.General Gordon said that UNMEE deeply deplores any activity in the TSZ that could destabilize the peace process. The UN Security Council expressed concern in September about a reported increase in incursions into the TSZ and a rising number of mine incidents in the area, including the new placing of mines. read more

Commentary Mayor Coleman should have kept his mouth shut about NBA team

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman should have just kept his mouth shut. The Columbus Dispatch reported Thursday that Coleman sent a two-page letter to NBA Commissioner David Stern in which he stated his interest in attracting an NBA franchise to central Ohio and Nationwide Arena. Coleman presides over a city that already has one professional team – the NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets – and it’s a team that is perpetually out-shined by Ohio State athletics. Everyone knows Columbus is a Buckeyes town, so that was a dent in the mayor’s argument before he even smudged the postage stamp on his letter to Stern. Upon peeling Coleman’s correspondence open, a few more dents were likely exposed. Coleman’s argument to the NBA for bringing professional basketball to Columbus included arguments amounting to, “our arena situation is now stable,” and “big businesses exist in this city.” Of course, noting that your arena situation has been stabilized calls into question why it was unstable in the first place. According to the Dispatch report, one of Coleman’s zingers to Stern was something to the affect of, “we have the lowest unemployment rate in the state.” The lowest unemployment rate in a rustbelt state? That might be a fact, but not necessarily a reassurance to Stern. What I’m truly surprised by is that he didn’t include that Columbus appears on all United States maps, and is, in fact, the capital of Ohio. Another reason Coleman should have kept it zipped is because the unintended consequences of his letter stretched to Cleveland and back. Coleman’s letter also elicited a response from Cleveland Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert, according to The Dispatch, who said he’d have to weigh whether he’d allow another NBA franchise to move in-state. “I haven’t even studied the demographics of Columbus to know if they could handle two sports teams,” Gilbert told The Dispatch. Then Columbus’ Major League Soccer franchise, the Columbus Crew, took exception to Gilbert’s comments, as any self-respecting professional sports organization would. From the Twitter account, @ColumbusCrew, the MLS team tweeted Thursday afternoon: “Looks like #Crew96 fans should let Dan Gilbert know that there are already two professional sports teams in Columbus.” That tiny spat between organizations could have easily been avoided if Coleman hadn’t sent the letter. Like the rest of us, I’m sure Colelman had fun fantasizing about having an NBA team in town. But that doesn’t mean you go grab the NBA commissioner’s attention over it, or write him a letter for that matter. This isn’t 1920 – email or call Stern, or set up a Skype date with him and your potential investors (if there are any) and conduct some business. It’s going to take more than some City of Columbus letterhead to attract an NBA franchise to this market anyway. read more

Breast cancer screening scandal who is to blame for the error

In 2009, health officials were launching an NHS trial to test the wider expansion of breast cancer screening. In doing so, their computer program inserted a fundamental glitch into their algorithms.  All women should have been offered breast cancer screening every three years from the age of 50 to 71, with the last scan given between the age of 68 and their 71st birthday. Questions are now being asked as to how the flaw was… The crisis affecting up to 450,000 women began with a basic computer error. But the computer program designated the cut-off point as 70, meaning up to 450,000 women were never offered a scan in the last three years they were eligible. It was nine years before it was detected. read more

Bouncer suspended after woman tweets about sexual harassment in nightclub

Ms White told Devon Live she asked him to “do one” after he wolf-whistled at her outside the nightclub’s toilets.“Then he started making sexual comments about my appearance and derogatory comments about my chest, so I had a go at him and told him this wasn’t okay,” she said.“He was surrounded by a group of men who weren’t bouncers but I guess his mates, and he was continuing the altercation to make them laugh and make a joke out of me, which was the most intimidating thing.” A bouncer accused of sexually harassing a woman at a Cornwall nightclub has been suspended pending an investigation after she spoke out on Twitter about the alleged incident.Emily White, 19, told the BBC a doorman at the Sailors Arms pub and nightclub wolf-whistled, leered at her and made comments about her breasts on a night out last month.The teenager, from St Austell, Cornwall, said when she complained about the “cocky” doorman’s unwanted behaviour he replied: “I can do what I want.”“Was sexually harassed by a bouncer in a night club this weekend,” she tweeted on 24 July.“So I snapped a photo of his ID, emailed the club, who have emailed his agency, who have begun an official displinary [sic] investigation. He told me, ‘I’m a bouncer I can do what I want”. No mate, no you can’t.’” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. She told the BBC that the bouncer also “moved his arm out so I could take a picture of his ID”.“That’s how cocky he was,” she added. “He thought no-one would challenge him on it. He was wrong.”Regency Security, who provide door staff for the venue, confirmed to The Telegraph that the door supervisor has been suspended pending further investigation.Ms White’s account of the alleged incident has been shared by more than 8,000 Twitter users and received 90,000 ‘likes’, while attracting hundreds of messages of support and praise for choosing to speak out. “Really admire you for bringing this to everyone’s attention,” commented one. “No one should have to be a victim of such disgusting behaviour. Well done for standing up to it.”“Fantastic that you took action,” responded user @xyrosie. “Zero tolerance of such behaviour is the best way to change things. Thank you for stepping up!”One user, who is currently employed as a bouncer, replied: “I have never had to lay hands on someone, unless had to escort someone out … At the end of the night, I want to make sure you get home safe, along with myself.”A spokesperson for Sailors Arms in Newquay said until the investigation is complete the doorman “will not be employed at our door”. Was sexually harassed by a bouncer in a night club this weekend. So I snapped a photo of his ID, emailed the club, who have emailed his agency, who have begun an official displinary investigation. He told me, “I’m a bouncer I can do what I want”. No mate, no you can’t.— em (@itsemilywhite) July 24, 2018 “Upon hearing of these allegations an immediate investigation was launched in collaboration with the agency which employs our door staff and that is ongoing.” read more

You must be joking Higgins criticises Taoiseach over Gulf visit

first_imgTAOISEACH ENDA KENNY has defended his handling of human rights issues on his trade mission to the Gulf last week, saying the forum for raising such matters is the UN Human Rights Council.Kenny said that in a meeting with Saudi’s deputy prime minister, Crown Prince Salman, he pointed out that the country had been a “moderate voice” in the region in the pursuit of peace in the Syrian conflict.Socialist Party TD Joe Higgins, who had raised the issue, interrupted to say “you must be joking” adding that the Saudis had “funded the Jihadis” in Syria.Kenny, who was speaking at an Oireachtas sub-committee examining the 2014 budget for his department, said “you may well laugh” but that the UN Human Rights Council is where such issues are raised.The Taoiseach congratulated Saudi on its election to the UN Human Rights Council on his visit to the country last week.The government would not say if he raised specific human rights concerns with politicians in Saudi, or in Qatar or UAE which he also visited.The visit to the region largely concerned trade and Kenny said he would “make no apology” for the 87 Enterprise Ireland companies who accompanied him on the mission and who came away with commitments on job creation both there and in Ireland.Damien Kiberd: So what if Kenny and Bruton didn’t lecture Middle East on human rights?Gilmore insists: ‘Ireland always raises human rights issues’Read: The human rights issues which aren’t being discussed on Taoiseach’s Gulf visitlast_img read more

Byrnes parting message Road deaths WILL increase unless gardaí get more resources

first_imgOUTGOING ROAD SAFETY Authority Chairman Gay Byrne has said that the country should brace itself for a major increase in the number of fatalities on the roads, warning that a rise in deaths would be no surprise if the issue of garda resources isn’t addressed as a matter of urgency.The broadcaster has announced he’s decided to retire from his role with the authority this summer, ahead of his 80th birthday.He used the occasion to deliver a strong warning message to the Government on the issue of road safety, saying the country was “going to suffer” as a result of “much reduced garda enforcement”.“I’ve said again and again over the last year that once the perception gains ground that the likelihood of you in a car […] encountering a yellow jacket around the next bend or the next corner is remote…As soon as that gains ground — and it has done nationwide over the last year or so —then you begin to get relaxed, you begin to get complacent, you begin to get careless about speed limits and about seatbelt-wearing and about mobile phone use and about texting and about all those things that you should be very concerned about. Byrne said he was “absolutely on the side of An Garda Síochána” in the stance, and stressed that the Traffic Corps had been “reduced in numbers by a quarter” over the last two years.“If this continues in the same way then we must expect the fatality rate to increase and as long as we know that in advance we will not be surprised,” Byrne told Newstalk Breakfast.The veteran broadcaster, who is relinquishing various roles in advance of his 80th birthday in August, stressed that he had a “very, very good relationship” with Transport Minister Leo Varadkar, who had asked him to stay in the role for another two years.However, he say that it had been “very hard to get through to the people in Justice.”Byrne also said that while he was scaling down his workload, he would continue to present his Sunday afternoon Lyric FM show, if only to “keep the mind alive”.Read: Ballyfermot shooting victim “largely conscious” as family keep bedside vigilRead: 14-year-old girl killed and baby injured in Kerry car crashlast_img read more

Graham Norton feels sorry for people who bought a pack of lies

first_img “I was astonished that people bought the pack of lies they were sold and because they were lied to,” said the Corkman. Oct 22nd 2016, 8:01 AM Short URL Share758 Tweet Email 144 Comments I was astonished that people bought the pack of lies they were sold and I feel sorry for the people who voted for it because they were lied to.“They were promised things that are never going to happen and they were told [about] the things that are now unfolding: ‘oh don’t worry, that won’t happen’.” Norton hosting his chat show with Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Chris O’Dowd last week. Source: PA Wire/PA ImagesNorton said that although people will focus on the economy, it is the impact of Brexit on young people that was “the most depressing thing”.“What is great about being young is you’ve so many options. Life – all the doors are open, every door is open. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Graham Norton feels sorry for people who bought a “pack of lies” on Brexit He also said that the British should have taken Ireland’s lead and run the referendum again. Saturday 22 Oct 2016, 8:01 AM “I was astonished that people bought the pack of lies they were sold and because they were lied to,” said the Corkman. By Gráinne Ní Aodha What is so sad about Brexit is that people over 60, because it was people over 60 passed that thing, closed so many doors on young people and shut down options. Shut down options about studying abroad, living abroad, working in places.“It just seemed absolutely the wrong instinct. Don’t make the world smaller, don’t shut things down. I understand where the fear comes from but, actually, I think it is sad,” he said.The British should have taken Ireland’s lead and run the referendum again, he added.“You do think: ‘do you not see what they do in Ireland?’ If you get the wrong answer, you ask again! It was a no brainer,” Norton said.“Almost offended” “You realise the papers will always hate the BBC more than you.” Source: PA Wire/PA ImagesAs the host of Britain’s most popular chatshow, Norton said that after 19 years at the helm he is “almost offended” that he hasn’t been targetted by the media like other big name BBC personalities.“It is sort of in my mind a bit more because of the BBC, the nature of the BBC and the way that the BBC is funded. The papers, it is like there is a whiteboard in the office and they have names on it: ‘who are we going to get next?’ – Jonathan Ross – boom; Jeremy Clarkson – boom; Chris Evans – boom.“I am almost offended they haven’t come for me yet but they have to be on their way! Just to give the BBC a kicking and to say ‘right, we’ll get rid of him then’,” he said.Moving from Channel 4 to the BBC brings a different dynamic to how your work is received, he added.“You realise the papers will always hate the BBC more than you. So, even if you get a bad review, the BBC are terrible for showing it. Somehow it is their fault, not yours. Whereas on a commercial broadcaster like Channel 4, it’s your fault, you’ve done that thing,” he said.Norton, who was born in Dublin and grew up in Co Cork, is also known for his appearances as Father Noel Furlong in the Irish comedy Father Ted. Source: The Late Late Show/YouTubeRead: Francois Hollande to Theresa May: ‘You want a hard Brexit? The talks will be hard too’Read: Northern Ireland says it doesn’t want ‘special status’ 42,511 Views CHAT SHOW PRESENTER Graham Norton has said that people bought a “pack of lies” on Brexit, and Britain should have held the referendum again ‘when they got the wrong answer’.Norton, who is best known as the host of a popular UK celebrity chat show and as a regular commentator for the UK coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest, made the remarks last night on RTÉ’s The Late Late Show.He told host Ryan Tubridy that he was “astonished” that people had voted for Brexit, and said that one of the biggest impacts it would have would be on Britain’s youth.He said:last_img read more

Jacumba Hot Springs residents say their town is a dumping ground for

first_img July 30, 2019 Jacumba Hot Springs residents say their town is a dumping ground for sexual predators KUSI Newsroom Posted: July 30, 2019 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – People who live in the East County are speaking out after learning another sexually violent predator could soon be one of their neighbors. KUSI’s John Soderman is in Jacumba Hot Springs with more on this story. KUSI Newsroom, Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

Nintendo 2DS reportedly uses single screen obstructed by outer casing

first_imgYesterday Nintendo shocked the gaming industry and announced the 2DS, a 3DS stripped of its ability to display in 3D, as well as its ability to fold into a compact, clamshell form. This means that the new handheld is more like a tablet in design, especially since it needs to be tall enough to accommodate two screens positioned on a vertical plane. Normally, you would naturally assume that the unit employs two separate screens to achieve this, but reports have stated that the 2DS actually employs one large screen that is simply obstructed by the device’s casing in order to make the unit appear to have two separate displays.The report somewhat glazes over this facet. The 2DS having one screen masquerading as two isn’t really a big deal. You might feel a little taken advantage of, in that there’s a secret treasure trove of screen real estate sitting directly underneath your fingertips. However, this tactic — along with the removal of 3D, and the unibody design — likely helps the 2DS achieve its cheap price tag of $129.99. The unit will also dispense with stereo speakers (a stereo headphone jack will still be present) in place of a mono speaker, so that likely also helped pass the savings on to you.We won’t know whether or not the 2DS will become a hit — much like the Nintendo DS before it — until it releases to market. Nintendo, though, is specifically targeting children under seven-years-old with this device, so either that will create an entirely new revenue stream, or will keep people away from it since it’s officially labeled as a kid’s device.The console will release on October 12 — the same day as Pokémon X and Y — in a blue or red color scheme.last_img read more

Umps blew it on fan interference call in AstrosRed Sox Game 4

first_imgUmps blew it in on fan interference call in Astros/Red Sox Game 4Astros fans were livid when Umpire Joe West ruled an apparent Jose Altuve 1st inning home run an out due to fan interference. The replay shows the call was suspect at best and Colin thinks Joe West blew it. He believes on the biggest stages in sports, umpires and refs should step back and not make themselves the center of attention by injecting themselves in the outcome.Baseball already has a big enough issue with lack of movement and action, there’s no reason to take that action away when the stars are giving fans memorable moments. Also:– Carmelo doesn’t fit with the Rockets– Josh Rosen watch on TNF– The Top 5 Lakers not named LeBron– Colin’s LeBron and Lakers predictionsGuests:Chris Broussard – FS1 NBA Analyst, Greg Cosell – NFL Films Senior Producer, Nick Swisher – Fox MLB Analyst and World Series Champ, and T. J. Houshmandzadeh – Former Bengals All-Pro Wide Receiver.last_img read more

Turn WiFi back on automatically on Windows 10

first_imgTurn Wi-Fi back on automatically on Windows 10 by Martin Brinkmann on August 08, 2017 in Windows – Last Update: July 25, 2017 – 8 commentsMicrosoft introduced a new feature in the Windows 10 Creators Update that gives users an option to turn Wi-Fi back on automatically after a set period of time.It may sometimes be useful to turn off Wi-Fi on a device. Maybe you want to work without being interrupted by constant Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest pings, or want to turn off Wi-Fi to extend battery life somewhat.Up until now you had to turn off Wi-Fi, and turn it back on, manually. That options is still there on Windows 10, but there is a new option that may make the process more comfortable for some users of the operating system.Turn Wi-Fi back on automatically on Windows 10The workflow is the same mostly. Start by clicking on the wireless icon in the System Tray area of the Windows Taskbar.Windows displays available access points to you provided that Wi-Fi is enabled. A click on the Wi-Fi icon toggles the feature. If Wi-Fi is enabled, it is turned off, and if it is disabled, it is turned back on.When you disable Wi-Fi using the method, you get a new option that is called “Turn Wi-Fi back on”. It is configured by default to manually. This means that you need to turn on Wi-Fi manually to make use of it again.When you click on the menu however, you get options to schedule an automatic start of the device’s Wi-Fi functionality. Options are provided to turn Wi-Fi back on after one or four hours, or a day.Wi-Fi, and thus Internet, won’t be available for the time period that you select, but will be available again afterwards if you select any option but manually from the menu.Closing WordsThe snooze feature is not essential, but it may be useful to Windows 10 users who turn off Wi-Fi regularly. The three time periods that are supported make this less useful than it could be, but there is always manual if you need to shut down Wi-Fi for a period of time that is not supported by the feature.SummaryArticle NameTurn Wi-Fi back on automatically on Windows 10DescriptionMicrosoft introduced a new feature in the Windows 10 Creators Update that gives users an option to turn Wi-Fi back on automatically after a set period of time.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

Miracles do happen to Ladysmith people

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite The ‘Miracles Are Normal Ladysmith Crusade’ with Dr Siva Moodley was held over three days this past weekend at the Civic Hall. The crusade was hosted by Victory Chapel Church.A large crowd of people, both young and old, made their way to the hall on Friday and Saturday night, and Sunday morning.There were praise and worship sessions, and also reported healing being carried out by Dr Siva Moodley from Siva Moodley Ministries, which is a world-renowned healing ministry.The “healing” was talked about throughout town.People with asthma problems and other illnesses went up on stage, where hands were laid on them and they claim to have been touched by the healing power of the Lord.The Civic Hall full to capacity during the crusade It is said that people who had difficulties walking were seen up on their feet again. Those who attended said they left feeling rejuvenated and with a better outlook on life.Click to receive news links via WhatsApp. Or  for the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there!last_img read more

Experience the Treasures of Polynesia

first_imgSource = Tahiti Travel Connection Experience the Treasures of PolynesiaExperience the Treasures of PolynesiaTahiti Travel Connection (TTC) happy to announce that the “Treasures of Polynesia” is now available for booking.The “Treasures of Polynesia” is a 12 night package aboard the luxurious Le Boreal. It combines luxury, intimacy, and well-being. This ship spoils travellers with five-star services and elegant design born from the genius of renowned designer Jean-Philippe Nuel. With its intimate size (only 132 staterooms and suites), Le Boreal creatively spins the concept of a private yacht with flexible suites and staterooms that help enable a comfortable and unforgettable journey into the wild and exotic world of the Pacific.Le Boreal is truly a five-star experience in a five-star environment.Book your Le Boreal experience call our Tahiti Travel Specialists at 1300 858 305 or email at to book today or visit for more information.last_img read more

by Jocelyn Gecker And Amy Taxin The Associated Pr

first_img by Jocelyn Gecker And Amy Taxin, The Associated Press Posted Mar 13, 2019 5:11 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email ‘He’s shady’: Ringleader in college scandal irritated others NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — For 25 years, William “Rick” Singer was in the business of helping high school students get into some of the country’s top colleges, gaining a reputation as a master salesman who got results, but also someone who came across as devious and way too slick, say some of those who knew him professionally.High school guidance counsellors in Sacramento, where Singer started his career as a college admissions consultant, used to trade “Rick stories” and warned each other, “He’s shady. Be careful,” according to one of them.Now, Singer, 58, is at the centre of one of biggest college admissions scandals on record, accused of conspiring with wealthy parents to pay bribes to get their children into prestigious schools such as Yale, Stanford, Georgetown and UCLA.Some of those who encountered him professionally said they were not surprised to see Singer in the middle of the scheme. His popularity with wealthy families in the Sacramento area was not shared by school counsellors and educators, who said they had no clue about any illegal practices but found him untrustworthy.“He was a slick talker and people believed him,” said Jill Newman, who has worked as a high school counsellor in Sacramento schools for decades and had several well-to-do students who hired Singer. “But every high school counsellor in the area knew about him. He was sneaky from the get-go.”Singer pleaded guilty to conspiracy and other charges in federal court Tuesday in Boston. Federal prosecutors charged 50 people in the scheme, including coaches and dozens of parents. They included TV stars Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin and high-achieving figures in such fields as law, finance and fashion.Authorities said parents hired Singer to bribe college coaches and administrators to boost their children’s chances of admission by making them look like star athletes in sports they never played. He also hired people to take college entrance exams for students or paid off insiders to correct youngsters’ answers, officials said.Some parents spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and one as much as $6.5 million, prosecutors said.Newman first met Singer in the early 2000s when she was a counsellor at Rio Americano High School in the Sacramento area. Counselors from high schools in the area would compare notes on Singer, who rubbed many the wrong way. “We started trading stories,” she said. “It was like, ‘There’s this guy Rick. He’s shady. Be careful.’”Newman said Singer was known to deliberately target the children of wealthy people and seemed to be in the business not for the good of the kids but for the money and status it brought him. He talked about the need to build students into “a brand,” which struck counsellors as misguided and potentially dishonest, she said.He would insert himself into school college counselling sessions with parents and students — “Which is not normal, not something we do,” she said — and would do all the talking and demand that students be enrolled in certain classes, often above their skill level, to help them get into colleges of their choice.In one case, he took charge of a student athlete’s course load in 12th grade, setting him up with three online math classes, which he somehow passed even though at school he had failed Algebra 1, she said.“He was so good at doing things underhandedly,” Newman said. “We knew kids were getting into places that they weren’t quite capable of doing on their own.”When she saw Singer’s name in the news this week, her reaction was not shock: “I was jumping for joy, because he finally got caught.”“He was a master salesperson and very popular. People hired him like crazy,” said Margie Amott, another college admissions consultant in the Sacramento area, who started her own business a few years after Singer did. She said he was charismatic, persuasive and articulate and had the ability to bond with young people.Amott had little direct contact with Singer but said she heard endless stories about him from school counsellors. Among them: He would tell kids he would guarantee their admission to certain schools — a promise counsellors shouldn’t make, Amott said — and had a website where he would say college admissions is a “science.”“High school counsellors had direct exposure with him. I would hear about it because they would be tearing out their hair because of unethical things he would be doing,” she said.Rebekah Hendershot, who helped Singer write a 2014 book on college admissions, told USA Today that she was not aware of any test-rigging or bribes but recalled Singer telling a wealthy high schooler to write his college application essay about growing up poor.“The kid was very nervous, very upset,” Hendershot told the newspaper. “It was a personal statement all about his experiences growing up poor, and I was literally sitting in a mansion when he showed it to me.” She said she advised the student to be honest and doesn’t know if Singer submitted the essay.Years before going into the consulting business, Singer was the boys’ basketball coach at Encina High School in Sacramento but got fired in 1988, according to The Sacramento Bee. The school system would not say why at the time, but parents told the newspaper that Singer was abusive toward referees. In the early ’90s, he was an assistant coach for Sacramento State’s men’s basketball team, the Bee reported.In 1992, Singer started his first admissions-consulting business in Sacramento, Future Stars College and Career Counseling. According to prosecutors, he started another such business in 2007, called the Edge College & Career Network, also known as The Key. Around 2012, he moved to the affluent Southern California community of Newport Beach and created The Key Worldwide Foundation, a purported charity granted tax-exempt status by the IRS in 2013.Federal prosecutors said he used the foundation to funnel bribe money from parents to colleges. Parents made big “donations” to the charity, and Singer disguised the payments as charitable contributions so that his clients could deduct them on their income taxes.Singer received $25 million in all to bribe college athletic coaches and others, prosecutors said.Since Key Worldwide Foundation was established in 2013, its revenues doubled each year, from $451,600 in its first year to $3.7 million in 2016, according to its non-profit tax filings. The foundation claimed in that four-year span to have given out about $2 million in grants, namely to university athletics, including the University of Southern California’s water polo and soccer programs and Georgetown tennis.The address of the foundation was the same as Singer’s $2.6 million Newport Beach home, a five-bedroom house surrounded by well-manicured gardens and potted lemon trees. The house was listed for sale a few weeks ago.Neighbour Caren Darrow said Singer told her he was moving just last week, packed up and left soon after. She said Singer was friendly and encouraged her son, a high school basketball player, to apply himself in school and sports. She said she knew that he worked to help student athletes get into college, but not much more.“It’s shocking, disappointing,” said her husband, Brian Darrow, “but you know, sometimes people get wrapped up in the wrong thing.”Amott and other education professionals said Singer’s crimes had cast a negative light on the industry.“He’s not an education consultant. He’s a charlatan,” said Arun Ponnusamy, chief academic officer at Collegewise, a company that helps students with their applications. “He was completely a con man.”___Gecker reported from San Francisco.Jocelyn Gecker And Amy Taxin, The Associated Press William “Rick” Singer, front, founder of the Edge College & Career Network, exits federal court in Boston on Tuesday, March 12, 2019, after he pleaded guilty to charges in a nationwide college admissions bribery scandal. 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