Binghamton University prepares for coronavirus, no plans to bring home students studying abroad

first_img“We are actively working with our study abroad program here on campus to monitor the conditions in those particular host countries,” he said. This comes after the college already implemented it’s own travel restrictions. While Hubeny says the Broome County Health Department is playing an important role in the University’s response, it’s not just the home campus that officials are concerned with. While officials say there are currently no plans to regulate students leaving for and returning from the upcoming winter and spring breaks, they will be coached on proper hygiene and travel habits. While there are currently no students in danger, Hubney says the university is prepared if that changes. “We are in touch with our students who are in study abroad and if there was a need to bring them home we would provide whatever support there is to get them home safely,” he said. center_img “The university has already placed travel restrictions on any university travel to China, South Korea, Italy and Iran,” Hubeny said. VESTAL (WBNG) — Officials at Binghamton University say monitoring the coronavirus is all about staying up to date and staying in close contact with health officials. “We’ve got several people who are continuously monitoring information from the Centers for Disease Control even the World Health Organization as well,” said Dave Hubeny, Executive Director for the Office of Emergency Management at the University. “It’ll be advising them on safe travel practices, good hygiene practices and help them stay safe while they are traveling,” he said.last_img read more

Breathless: A Vestal woman’s untested journey with coronavirus

first_imgOriginally believing her shortness of breath symptoms to be related to asthma or her allergies, Arnold-Adeimy began to wonder if it could be something more serious after speaking with her friends who are healthcare workers in New York City, which was starting to see an explosion of COVID-19 cases. She says she was on a nebulizer for four days and struggled to breathe for most of them. VESTAL (WBNG) — Once Vanessa Arnold-Adeimy began feeling sick, even in early March, it didn’t take long for her mind to wander to the possibilities. She says she did a telehealth checkup with a Lourdes Hospital physician on March 15. Right away, the physician advised her to seek help, so Arnold-Adeimy says she went to the Lourdes walk-in clinic where she was officially diagnosed with acute bronchitis. “At that point, there was no test available; they had all been taken to the hospitals,” Arnold-Adeimy told 12 News Thursday. Even though acute bronchitis is often caused by a virus, she says she was never officially tested for the novel coronavirus.center_img She says she was told by Lourdes the tests were being reserved for more serious cases where people needed to be hospitalized. Arnold-Adeimy says Lourdes was incredibly helpful in developing a plan to bring her to the hospital if her symptoms worsened and by checking up on her; she says emotionally it was frustrating not to be tested but on an intellectual level she understood why the limited tests were being saved for more severe cases. Through it all, she says she was most concerned that she had possibly infected others without knowing it and advises people to take social distancing seriously as it save lives. On March 27, a little under two weeks later, Lourdes, UHS and the Broome County Health Department released a joint statement saying there was inadequate testing supplies to test everyone for COVID-19.last_img read more

Loch’s Maple sets up stand at local market

first_imgMONTROSE, Pa. (WBNG) — For Labor Day weekend, Loch’s Maple set up their stand at the LaRue’s Farm Market. At LaRue’s, Loch’s has all of their famous maple specials, including maple milkshakes, maple cotton candy, and maple syrup. Loch’s Maple will be set up again tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Renee LaRue, LaRue’s Farm Market owner, says she came up with the idea after Randy and Jamie Loch came to visit the market themselves.  “I thought it would be a fun idea,” LaRue said. “I’m super busy on Friday’s and Saturday’s, so we thought why not throw it out there and see what happens.” For information, check out LaRue’s Farm Market’s Facebook page. Due to the pandemic, Loch’s Maple hasn’t been able to attend the fairs they used to sell their products at. last_img read more