The CSD sends a message to the clubs: training prohibited

first_imgThis is stipulated in the Royal DecreeRoyal Decree 463/2020Article 10:3. The opening to the public of the museums, archives, libraries, monuments, as well as the premises and establishments where they are developed public showsyes, the sport activities and of leisure indicated in the annex of the present royal decree.ANNEXED. Equipment list and activities whose opening to the public is suspended in accordance with the provisions of article 10.3:Sports:-Local or closed premises.-Football, rugby, baseball and similar fields.-Basketball, handball, volleyball and similar fields.-Shot clay pigeon shooting courses, which can be assimilated.-Shot galleries.-Tennis courts and assimilable.-Skating rinks, ice hockey, skates and the like.-Swimming pools.-Local boxing, wrestling, judo and assimilates.-Permanent circuits of motorcycles, automobiles and the like.-Velodromes.-Horpodromes, dog tracks and the like.-Fronts, ratchets, squash courts and the like.-Sports.-Bowling bowls and assimilable.-Billiards and assimilable rooms.-Gyms.-Running tracks.-Stadiums.-Other premises, facilities or activities similar to those mentioned.Royal Decree of March 14 establishes the closure of sports facilitiess while the alarm state lasts and the situation remains in effect after the extension thereof decreed by the Government.Now these clubs that wanted to come back The script will be changed to their facilities at the expense of Health. He CSD, for now, will convene on Wednesday, telematically, to the Task Force to Promote Sport (GTID) that it has created to seek solutions to these problems and, especially, those related to the sports economy. There they will meet members of federations soccer, basketball, swimming, athletics, motorsports, motorcycling and winter sports, in addition to Sports Association Spanish, LaLiga, AFE, COE, CPE and Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atlético and Athletic. Wanted unity of action against occurrences. The players of the Real society will follow confined to their homes, and without training optionally in the facilities of Zubieta from tomorrow, as his coach, Imanol Alguacil, intended, and as he had supported the rest of the club to the point of making it official last Saturday it’s a statement. He Higher Sports Council yesterday reminded the Donostia entity, and all those who thought to follow in their footsteps, that the Royal decree alarm status oblige, in its third additional provision, to closure of sports facilities and the suspension of group training. Although it was not a strict disavowal, the Royal got the message to avoid problems, and suspended a plan that it was optional and individualized, physical, without gym or ball.Peace cost more than desired. He CSD sent in a first moment a notification to the Royal for stating constancy officer his opposition, but it wasn’t until the President of the Council, Irene Lozano, called the president of Real, Jokin Aperribay, when consensus was reached between the parties. The conversation was very constructive, AS found out. He CSD clarified the what the law says and the consequences of skipping it. For the CSD, the standard was quite clear. Irene Lozano ratified it later. “Dialogue and understanding always. To return to a certain normality it is key to comply with the confinement. The training will returnYes, but not as an unsupportive or irresponsible gesture of football, but like one more rung on the road to a society that will gradually recover its normal“La Real came to their senses and began to look for constructive measures, although, from behind the scenes, they still believe that this article on the return to work of some non-essential work activities is interpretable and did not carry an express prohibition against returning to training.To the government you worried very much that this Royal movement confused the message to the rest of the citizenry, by spreading the idea that they can already relax measurements of confinement even though the alarm status It is set until April 26 and will surely will extend. He was also concerned about the call effect. Various clubs else they had thought restart workouts this week under strict sanitary measures. In fact, the Valencia wanted to return today and has chosen to wait. While others, what do you prefer wait waiting for government instructions, they did not give credit to the intentions of their adversaries that have shaken the panorama. Presidents and coaches called LaLiga officials, other clubs, and journalists to contrast the information, since what they fear the most is to compete with the disadvantage that would cause starting a Mini preseason required.last_img read more