Once-bedridden teen given 2nd chance at life

first_imgThe thankful father, Yacoob ShawAnnandale fatal accident– says he misses his friend tremendously By Davina RamdassThere was once a time when relatives of Reaz Shaw were not sure whether he would ever speak, walk or even survive following a tragic accident at Annandale on the East Coast of Demerara that claimed the life of his friend.Today, however, Reaz not only speaks and walks but also rides his bicycle, like he was doing back in December, when he and his friend, 15-year-old Karamchand Khemraj, were struck by a speeding Toyota minibus, reportedly driven by Chinese nationals who did not stop to render assistance.On Wednesday, Guyana Times visited the Lot 35 Annandale Public Road home of Reaz, who was out taking a midday ride. Although he almost lost his life riding, he said he is not afraid and it is, in fact, one of his hobbies.His father, however, is very concerned and worried about him riding his bicycle but told Guyana Times that his son has been riding since he was a young child.When it comes to his health, 16-year-old Reaz seemed to be back to normal, except for his left hand which was severely injured. He explained how it was broken after the bus slammed into him and his friend but rectified after surgeries.The teen had not only broken his arm but had sustained severe brain damage which left him paralysed and unable to function as a normal teenager.Today he is able to move his arm, but not stretch it completely due to surgical procedures which saw steel being placed in his hand.Shaw had spent well over two months at the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he was unconscious and unable to do basic things for himself.He said, “I’m feeling good for now, like one and two things like what I do I does forget it, not all time”.On the emotional side of things, the teen said although he feels much better, he misses his friend tremendously. He recalled how the two of them were like brothers and always shared everything as they grew up together.He also said that Khemraj’s parents, who lived nearby, had moved out as they were missing their son as well.“I thought I wudda die. Some days I sit down and realise what happened and I say watch how things happen. I study him but you know I can’t take on cause he done die. I miss him, I miss him bad cause you know like anywhere he ah go he does carry me, anyway me ah go me say come boy and we gone,” he shared.Although he would have loved to, the teen shared that he was unable to finish school due to his brain injuries and damaged hand which did not permit him to write at the required pace, among other things.His father, Yacoob Shaw, on the other hand, is more than happy to see him alive and at home as he too was scared that he would have lost his youngest child. He recalled, “The day when the accident happened, my wife called me and tell me Reaz get knock down…when we go in the hospital, them start pump air into he and the next boy, lil after we come out the next boy die”.Although he is disappointed that a driver sped off and almost killed his child, the elder Shaw is confident that he cannot run from God.When it comes to his son riding again, the father of the young man said although he is fearful at times he is overwhelmed with joy to see his son active again, given that he was unable to do anything for himself at one point.“He eye de close, he couldn’t do nothing for himself. We used to feed him from tubes through he nose. Sometimes he sit down on the chair there and he fall back so, he can’t balance he own self, [he was] like a piece stick stand up.”The teen’s father said he and other close relatives were worried about him a lot, but never lost hope and believed that he could be normal again.He was almost moved to tears as he thanked the public for praying for his son and assisting them in every way possible. The teen said he was extremely grateful for the man who took him to the hospital in his van and wishes if he could see him again.Based on reports received, the teens were heading home from a nearby shop on a pedal cycle when a speeding white Toyota Hiace ‘Pitbull’ minibus struck them down from behind and continued on its journey without stopping.Both boys were picked up and rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where Khemraj died about an hour later while receiving medical attention. Shaw was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the medical facility. Nevertheless, the teen is optimistic that he is alive and looks forward to the future no matter what is in store.Reaz Shaw engrossed in his favourite pastimelast_img read more