The reason the site keywords long ranked Shanghai second pages of love

5, domain name "record", the "criminal record" refers to the domain name before the station was in love with the sea K, now you use the domain name as Shanghai station, although love included you, but it does not give you the weight. So long at second pages can also check your website domain name has no criminal record".

) The keyword

more than 6 points, is the future of www.>

4, website program

every day to keep the original update every day, exchange friendship connection, every day outside the chain, a few months down, even there are thousands of keywords, but has not enter the first page is always love Shanghai, love Shanghai second pages. This is a lot of their reaction site the key word ranking has not on the first page, and many of the so-called "love Shanghai" love eleven "Shanghai twelve" phenomenon. According to the long-term observation, practice analysis, draw a few points, for reference to the webmaster.

3, on your site is connected to the SF, QS content of the web site or your web site was hung black, love Shanghai think this website is not maintained, love Shanghai does not give you the weight, on page second.

6, user experience, the content and the chain do no better than to row on the first page of the website, the main reason is the user experience of the website do bad, the user experience is not that your website speed, web interface to do much good, with you can provide related services and if you can’t stand to provide related services, such as you are a college entrance examination station, then through the search is definitely in the college entrance examination students, if you put a movie in the article above, even if your article is good, love Shanghai will think your site is a mess Tim content.

2, your website content on the Internet and other web content are repeated too much, so that you love Shanghai is not what the original copy collection, do not give the weight of your web site. Love in Shanghai will give you second.

, the program to say this problem, I have a previous with a ASP program, every day is what to write original, but the love of Shanghai has been ranked third pages, then ask some older webmaster, I just put the original program to delete, put a dedecms up. The miracle is witnessed, ranked 100 love Shanghai home in two weeks. So here, I remind the webmaster, we should choose some mature program, heard that some program code contains some special shielding Baiduspider code, not studied, do not know is not true.

1, you optimization is human intervention, this is not the way, if you want to top that you pay. I have seen a keyword, then the heat is probably about 1200 a day, the first page is not a regular website, others are Ganji in the city of 58, and the information network released the information page. (Note: the author mentioned here refers to the formal website: as the core of the web site keywords.

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