Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Shares Soundboard From Brooklyn Bowl Blowout In March [Listen]

first_imgBack in March, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead treated fans at the Brooklyn Bowl to three incredible shows. With a horn section, guest musicians and more, Almost Dead was locked in from start to finish, and were even knighted by venue owner Peter Shapiro. As the band is set to return to the Bowl in less than two weeks, it’s no wonder they wanted to give fans a little something to get in the mood.Fortunately, the band has just released a full soundboard recording from the March 26th performance at the Bowl. The final night of the run saw the band debut “Mason’s Children,” jam with violinist Katie Jacoby, play “Joeline” from the Tom Hamilton’s American Babies catalog, and so much more!Almost Dead returns to the Brooklyn Bowl this October, and don’t miss the exciting late night Evolution of Jam show on October 7th at the nearby Hall At MP. Featuring tributes to the Dead, Phish, and The Disco Biscuits, you can find all of the info here.You can listen to the full show below, and check out the setlist annotated by band manager Peter Costello.Setlist: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead at Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY – 3/26/16Set One (9:43PM – 10:56PM):01. intro/crowd02. Big Railroad Blues (TH) ->03. Mason’s Children @ (All)04. Friend Of The Devil # (TH)05. I Know Your Rider (All) >06. Space ->07. St. Stephen (All) ->08. Terrapin Suite PT 2 #$ (JR)Set Two (11:40PM – 1:00AM):01. Jam >02. Cassidy (SM)03. The Wheel (All) ->04. Joeline % ->05. The Wheel Reprise (All) ->06. He’s Gone (TH) ->07. Estimated Prophet (SM) ->08. Eyes Of The World (TH) ->09. The Music Never Stopped (SM)Encore:10. “Knighting Ceremony” &11. One More Saturday Night (SM)@ – First Time Played by Almost Dead. PhilRAD played it at the Cap.# – With Katie Jacoby ~ Violin$ – From “Terrapin Transit” to the end. Finishes the 2016.03.25 version. With an unknown tease (MB)% – First Time Played, American Babies Original, only the refrain was sung. From the album Flawed Logic, check it out: – Before the encore, Brooklyn Bowl owner Peter Shapiro took the stage & presented the band with a sword engraved with the date of their first gig (2013-01-26 at Brooklyn Bowl) and made the legendary knighting of Joe Russo ( official. Shapiro named them Brooklyn Bowl Royalty as follows “We, The freaks Of Brooklyn Bowl, hereby anoint Dave, Scott, Tommy, Marco, And Sir Joe Russo as Knights, Birthed at the Bowl & and dedicated to Rock & Fucking Roll”. Props to Jake Szufnarowski for his invaluable role in creating, supporting, & nurturing the legend of Sir Joe Russo.last_img

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