Chase court for the first time to simulate moot court

Datong County Court juvenile court for juvenile delinquency in recent years, the trend of development, in June 20th, the first primary school in Datong County, the first school to face the juvenile moot court. Bridge Primary School more than 1300 students and teachers gathered in the playground on a lively campus legal education.

is a good simulation of the court, the court and the close cooperation, careful preparation, extraction material from real cases in the selection of simulated court from the Datong County first middle school students "actors", practice guidance, on the same day in the first time the bridge simulation trial procedure with primary school campus robbery.

with the "judge" knocking and ringing "the hearing now" sound, the moot court officially kicked off……

Simulates the court on the bridge of all primary school pupils but not fresh, curious and deep in the heart of the

, for their young under the legal "seed", from education and guide them to understand the law, law-abiding, do a good law-abiding citizens. By performing a scene of "real" trial to observe the class, but also to enable students to understand what the specific case can do, what can not be done. At the same time also teach them from a correct outlook on life, respect teachers, unite classmates, in accordance with the "five small" standard strict demands on themselves, to keep away from bad habits away from crime, let the sun, the flowers, the sound of reading with their healthy growth. (author: Li Wenhui)