Five people in the province Football League four

10 month 28 days, in 2016 the province’s second "jinzuo Tang Road cup Futsal League four at the start of the Qinghai National University Games, sponsored by the Education Department of Qinghai Province, Xining City Education Bureau Co. The event aims to popularize campus football, promote youth football, and promote the public’s attention to youth football.

it is understood that this event has a total of 65 primary schools in Xining, junior high school, high school, provincial universities and other teams, it is worth mentioning that the first time to join the women’s football match. The event was divided into primary school, primary school, junior high school, high school, college men’s, women’s college group competition. A total of 180 games. The game is played from October 28th to, every Saturday and Sunday. The tournament is divided into two stages, the group stage, the group of the top two teams into the knockout.

participating in the Xining seventh middle school students told reporters, usually attend school at the weekend football team to attend the training class, the Futsal League four very rare opportunity, hope to achieve good results in the competition.


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