Eastern mass sharing honest culture feast

In order to improve the Party cadres to enhance the ability to resist corruption, clean government culture appeal. The day before, Chengdong District Commission for Discipline Inspection in conjunction with the Organization Department of science and technology, sports and Tourism Bureau and other departments in Taining garden square, repeatedly held a "wind song song express healthy, honest" as the theme of the cultural special theatrical performances.

the culture art group will spread, showing works independent cultural concepts and requirements throughout all aspects of the tour, through the careful creation, organize the "breeze righteousness, song song express honest" as the theme of the song and dance, comedy, erhu Allegro, San Juban, and a series of programs to castigate honest, Acura fue. The event started from the beginning of July, 15 sessions in the region has been carried out on tour. The East District of culture art group and team performances every rich and colorful performances, caused great social repercussions, promote clean government culture "six plus four" activities to develop in depth, improve the awareness of the masses of Party members and cadres, in the region to create a good social atmosphere delicate gas is undertaking.