57 jobs will be sent to nearly 7000 jobs

In order to meet the 2014

before and after the Spring Festival of migrant workers employment needs and employment needs of enterprises, promoting the province’s employment, human resources and social security department, the Provincial Federation of trade unions, the provincial women’s Federation from mid January to mid March, carried out in the province to build a platform of supply and demand, and promote the transfer of employment "as the theme 2014 spring action series of activities. During the spring action, the province, the city has arranged special recruitment activities 57 games, as of February 10th, there are 263 household registration units to provide jobs in the 6868.

it is understood that in the spring action of the enterprise both foreign enterprises have the industrial enterprises in the province, the stage of manufacturing 84, three production services 179, provide 6868 jobs, the recruitment will provide jobs with production operators, technical workers, catering services, security, cleaning, the sales staff, engineer, HR specialist, information technology (software) personnel, accounting personnel, about more than and 100. Which province recruitment activities are as follows: the talent exchange center from February 8th to March 15th in the sunning Plaza held 11 special recruitment; province occupation from February 20th to March 18th in the center of the East Street service hall held 3 job fairs; three counties of Xining city and the four district from February 11th to March 6th in the county held 11 recruitment 6; County Haidong city from February 12th to February 27th organized recruitment 12 field; Haixi and belong to the city and County Commission, from March 7th to March 12th in Delingha held 9 recruitment field; 5 Hainan counties held in Gonghe County, from February 21st to March 10th for 5 games; 4 a county in Haibei Prefecture from February 20th to February 21st in West Town, a fair 4 field; Huangnan and Jianzha County in February 12th held 2 job fairs.


series of job fairs, private enterprises and industrial parks provide a lot of employment positions, increase the province’s employment capacity and labor units initiative to raise benefits, reducing the threshold, not deliberately emphasize diplomas and other conditions, and pay more attention to the actual work experience and the ability to work, and strive for all types of job seekers looser employment space and employment opportunities.