Datong County, a solid and effective personnel exchanges

this year, Datong County to the people’s livelihood, talent first line as the main line, and promote personnel exchanges.

is to promote the work of docking with the provinces and cities talent service platform to expand the employment of college graduates information resources. Increase the work of the province and the city of docking, timely and accurate understanding and grasp the provincial and municipal departments and units of personnel needs, expand the awareness of demand information, and effectively promote the exchange of personnel allocation. Up to now, the labor information has been released 46 times.

two is to promote the implementation of recruitment activities to promote the employment of College graduates. At the same time, we will organize a special recruitment meeting every month, and we will hold a small number of talents exchange meeting 2 times, the number of participants will be up to 220 people (times). Service hall Exchange Center opened in the county personnel employment service station, designed for college graduates to provide employment, entrepreneurship, employment training and other aspects of the policy publicity and consultation and employment guidance, employment agreement review, job information acquisition and other special services. Up to now, has registered 694 college graduates in 2011, to the Qinghai Energy Development Corporation, Qinghai Mobile Corporation and other enterprises recommend the 313, to change the employment of 64.

three is the construction of service platform to promote, guide and encourage college graduates to start their own businesses. Conscientiously do a good job in the employment of college graduates registration and filing work, provide free personnel public service standardization, and high quality to the employing units and individuals, to the enterprise the key recommendation of college graduates, recommended college graduates to participate in skills training, entrepreneurship support, apply for special funds and subsidies for specific services, to help them achieve self entrepreneurship. Has now completed 9892 copies of the file, the personnel agency of 82 people, then turn the file of the 372, the query file of 545 copies.

four is the to optimize the allocation of basic services for college graduates, strengthen personnel management, adjust and enrich the work. Relying on the employment internship base, do a good job of college graduates and "village official" employment probation, so that college graduates through employment practice, to achieve employment and entrepreneurship. ()