Apply for the world bank loan project officially landed

In July 16th 17, two days, from the world bank lawyer, member of the expert group, staff of the national Ministry of finance a pedestrian came to the city and the Provincial Department of finance, development and Reform Commission, the Huangshui River Management Committee jointly held a comprehensive management of our environment by the world bank loan project appointment negotiation meeting, the meeting not only for formal negotiations held in Washington at the end of July laid the foundation, also marks the city for the world bank loan project officially landed.The world bank loan project for

in our city in October 2012, March 2013 and July by the World Bank Group, confirmed pre identification group, prepare three differential stages; in October 2013 through the bank pre assessment mission inspection guidance; in January this year by the world bank official assessment, after more than a year. The conference held in Xining is also the 2013 appointment, in fiscal year 2015, China for the world bank loan project of the first project in the negotiations to make an appointment, through two days of the appointment negotiations, so I will be successful in the city project payment ratio increased to 80%.

it is reported that the construction of the contents of the project include: city drainage collection pipe network engineering, sewage treatment plant water reuse demonstration project, low impact development and river environmental restoration project, ditch comprehensive treatment project and institutions and capacity building. The total investment of 1 billion 504 million 154 thousand and 100 yuan, of which apply for the world bank loans $150 million, as of now, the project has been completed two sub project preliminary design review three contract review, investment 440 million yuan, accounting for 39% of the investment project, is expected in September this year, the capital of two sub projects will be fully in place and started construction, after the completion of the project. I will make the ability of environmental governance to a new level.