From the beginning of the province to carry out the protection of migrant workers pay the rights and

is the leading legal employer of labor, improve the awareness of the rights of migrant workers, recently, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security issued the "on notice" to protect the rights of migrant workers wage payment concentrated promotional activities of the organization in the province, from November 15th to 30, to carry out the guarantee payment of wages for migrant workers rights advocacy activities in the province within the scope of organization.

the centralized campaign to promote labor laws and regulations to protect the knowledge, enhance the consciousness of employers to pay wages of migrant workers, migrant workers to improve the use of legal weapons in accordance with the law, rational rights consciousness. Through the publicity of laws and regulations to protect migrant workers wage payment and guarantee payment of wages for migrant workers to work practices, especially the public exposure of typical cases of refusing to pay labor remuneration crime, conducive to the formation of prevent and solve the problem of wage arrears for migrant workers with strong potential and loud atmosphere of public opinion.


campaign will make full use of radio, television, newspapers and other media publicity of labor and social security laws and regulations, and in densely populated downtown area, or farmer works workshop and station, organize relevant personnel through the forms and ways of policy solutions, on-site consultation, the establishment of rights shown signs, hanging banners, posting and publicity products widely carry out promotional activities.