Eastern air quality ranked first in 6 months

from the January 13th meeting of the comprehensive management of East District air pollution work conference came the good news: in 2014, the eastern most, urban infrastructure, urban function weak conditions of multiple adverse factors in the construction and demolition site, the number of days of good air quality up to 267 days (343 days monitoring), compliance rate was 77.8% Xining district four horizontal comparison, annual eastern air quality ranked first in 6 months, ranked second in the 2 months only 4 months, ranked third, the effectiveness of pollution control is more prominent.
– performance benefited from the "four inseparable": achievements, with the District Committee and the district government attaches great importance to the main leaders, Qinliqinwei inseparable; with the cadres and workers dare to face the difficulties, the difficulties, spare no effort to tackle tough inseparable with the area and take measures; for dust pollution remediation, steadily promote the coal dust pollution of industrial enterprises, strict management, preventive measures and treatment, pay close attention to winter to do a good job in grid environment supervision, actively mobilize the whole society to participate in atmospheric control, perfecting the work mechanism, efforts to strengthen supervision and reporting information, carry out comprehensive environmental remediation work nine inseparable; and the area has taken the lead in the implementation of the comprehensive management of air pollution reporting system inseparable.
– 11 units by the recognition of advanced pollution control: the area of 2014 on the same day, in the air pollution control work, solid work to tackle tough, has 11 units outstanding performance were informed of praise, 11 units: the District Environmental Protection Bureau, City Management District Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, the District Construction Bureau, city traffic police detachment brigade, District Finance Bureau, District Economic and Business Bureau, home town government, Xiang Yun Muslim community, Linjiaya community, office of the inspector general of the district government, District Office of the atmosphere etc..
– 2015 to "hard measures to complete the hard task: on the same day, the meeting of atmospheric pollution in the region in 2015 put forward the general requirements, determine the overall tone. That is, one is thought to attach great importance to: towns (community), the relevant departments should pay attention to, pay attention, pay more attention to the air pollution control work, as the number one project task, careful control of the district government and the municipal government signed letters of responsibility for air pollution control target assessment, earnestly to work realistically, do a good job. Do the task in place, responsibility, personnel in place, reward and punishment in place. The two is to strengthen measures: strengthen cooperation department, linked up and down, the implementation of joint law enforcement, regional law enforcement, cross law enforcement, to establish long-term mechanism to improve the air pollution control, to build a new pattern of air pollution prevention and control of government, enterprises, social supervision, and public participation. Three is the responsibility of accountability in place: the implementation of the party with responsibility, establish and improve the supervision mechanism of pollution evaluation, regular target completion inspection and informed, set up air pollution exposure stage, for failure to complete the rectification task, the implementation of the measures in place of the unit and the person in charge, exposure and serious accountability. Four is the supervision and further: give full play to the grid environment regulatory role, each grid established air pollution control work "ledger system, pollution control task to implement a number of one-off, the unfinished task of the departments and units to implement a vote or not;