A gang of robbery police arrested the victim to find the victim’s phone 6143823

police cracked two major cases, found that many victims did not report.

February 26th, the Yellow River Road police station, a police officer said that they recently cracked a gang robbery, 4 suspects, recently crazy crime, the square in the center and West small garden area, the implementation of the robbery of mountain bike boy, a total of more than 80 cases of crime, they verified the implementation of only more than and 10.

"the armed robbery gang members repeatedly wounding, robbery of a drunken man. The gang members confessed that last year the season on Shangri-La Avenue on the implementation of a drunken man robbed, grabbed the cash 19000 yuan, but the man did not report, we hope that through the newspaper to find the name of the victim." The Yellow River Road police station, said Lin captain.

if you are the victims of the crime of the two groups, please contact the public security organs, telephone number 6143823.