Chase five levels to practice the mass line

in the party’s mass line of educational practice in Datong County strictly focus on the four winds, from the "five aspects" reflect the people’s efforts to solve outstanding problems and to ensure that activities and effective improvement.

county leadership level to solve work arrangements for the poor implementation of major projects, not to play, asked the government to the people, don’t ask for the people is not deep, ask for people to speak is not wide, unrealistic "Mandarin" and "polite", with people’s heart, chatted, the masses the problem of service is not enough. The township leadership level to solve the implementation of the policy has shrunk aliasing, resort to deceit, unjustly, the grassroots situation is unknown, unclear; the attitude of the masses, cold work method is simple and crude. Township cadres waiting for the door, take the initiative to ask for less and less attentive, Mandarin cliches, some cadres who thought "lazy", the style of "powder", "soft" discipline; problems of individual cadres to work time for personal affairs, play games, chat, shopping. County level authority enforcement efforts to solve the poor implementation, the service is not active, exaggerated yuminzhengli, departmental interests first; serving the masses lack of initiative innovation, ignoring the actual needs of the masses; individual cadres at the weekend to sing "empty city", the masses can not find the outstanding problems of people. The service industry level to resolve the reasonable demands of the masses of cadres, deaf blind, buckpassing; work in the process of chinakayao, breach of privilege; discipline school, corporal punishment phenomenon is serious; the medical personnel arrogant attitude; non-public economic organizations and social organizations of democratic management consciousness, party consciousness, system form, problems of Party organization in. The level of grassroots organizations to solve the weak and lax team, inaction, party, village affairs opaque, large masses of individual cadres; unjustly, prominent problems in relief funds and materials distribution, excellent affectionate friends and rural residents, ramshackle etc..