Datong County inspectors group to the first half of the work of the first half of the new town inspe

8 on the 28 morning, Datong County Organization Department Deputy Minister Zhang Yongnian line 4, to the first half of the new town inspectors the completion of key tasks and "military enterprises build a model village activities progress. Supervision work to listen to the report, check information and field view, etc..

inspector group first heard the first half Xinzhuang Town grassroots party building work is completed and "military enterprises build a model village" progress report on the situation of the town party secretary Comrade Deng Yunlin to make. After the inspection team carefully reviewed the grassroots party building and co construction activities related to archival information. By listening to reports and access to information, the inspectors of the first half of the first half of the new town Party building work and construction activities to achieve the effectiveness of the stage has been fully affirmed.

line inspection team also went to the door, Shen Xin Zhuang Zhen Xia Wacun field view of the "military enterprises build a model village activities progress. Requirements to accelerate the construction of the project is not completed in progress, quality and quantity to complete the construction tasks. At the same time, further increase the demonstration village environmental remediation efforts to consolidate the results of building.

  finally, vice minister Zhang Yongnian pointed out that one should strictly in accordance with the county Party committee and county government to develop the objectives of the responsibility of the book, conscientiously complete the task. Two to further improve the collection and collation of relevant software materials, innovative ideas, and constantly explore their own characteristics and highlights, carefully build a number of Party building demonstration. Three, well ahead of the military and political enterprises build a model village "acceptance of the relevant preparatory work, to supervise the project is not completed, to ensure timely completion of the project, successfully passed the assessment of province and city and county.


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