From January to August this year, the public to Xining administrative service quality score

"please comment on our service, thank you." September 13th, the public Qi Deyu in Xining City People’s government administrative service center after finishing the formalities, after listening to the satisfaction of the instrument for the evaluation of the voice prompt, press the "satisfaction" button. From January to August of this year, these evaluation instruments recorded a total of 972 passengers quality evaluation, which is very satisfied with the number of 772 passengers, satisfied with the number of passengers, the satisfaction rate of 100% people.

according to the administrative service center of Xining Municipal People’s government is mainly responsible for the introduction, this year the Xining municipal administrative service center held by the masses, suggestion boxes and other forms of work, fully listen to the opinions of the masses, and constantly improve the service center staff of the ideological and political quality and work enthusiasm, improve work efficiency. Service Center has received 14784 items, for the 14559, the settlement rate of 98%, the public also played a high quality of administrative services.

in the gradual improvement of work processes, improve service levels, service center timely public service projects, the policy basis for the bid materials, processing flow, service type, time commitment, on the basis of the charges and fees, let the masses understand and grasp the matters required materials, working days, standard fees, handling results etc.. A review of the notification, a review, telephone visits and other systems, so that the masses directly evaluate and supervise the service attitude and efficiency of the service personnel. At the same time, the administrative service center of Xining Municipal People’s government also regularly to each party and each administrative service window to public commitment to serve the people, and to carry out evaluation, seriously find problems and deficiencies, make people work more satisfied. (author: Zhou Jianping)


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