Happy every student take the characteristics of Xingzhi Xingzhi Road Primary School

happy every student, every student and every student success and happiness of every student ", this is the relevant primary school education.

West District Xingzhi Primary School is a primary school built in September 2006, the school has 66 teachers, with an average age of 31 years, 123 students. Xingzhi Primary School to create democratic learning environment, promoting teachers’ reflective participation. In the process of participating in the open management, the teacher makes the common goal of the school into a teacher’s personal goal, which is reflected in the unity of the school and the teacher. Xingzhi Primary School by grade discipline group office main body to carry out small research activities, a grade subject group collective classes, each class system, determine a few teachers do speech center. According to the school teachers make teaching work plan, teachers every semester a listed class, chaired or participated in a research paper, writing teaching; young teachers every semester on a report on the course and practice course, taught by specialized organizations related to the lectures, class evaluation, and promote the rapid growth of new transferred by the school leaders and teachers are preparing the team leader in classroom observation, and promote the improvement of new teachers; teach arrange training, apprentice twinning, let it quickly into the role.

through the "create a learning organization, and knowledge of teachers" essay competition, issued gift cards and other forms to promote the enthusiasm of teachers in independent reading. Led by the vice president of the party members to participate in the west of the city, the infiltration of scholarly institutions, knowledge to enhance the ability of the cadres of the reading knowledge contest, won the two prize of good results.


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