Xining City Transportation District 242 households received subsidies 330 thousand yuan

January 15th, Xining City summer street transport area residents on behalf of the side that says "all rivers run into sea" plaque presented to the international community public service center, the expression of love of international community and neighborhood residents enthusiastic service Mo Er yuan appreciation City Transportation District 242 households.

it is understood that the city is a non residential district management of the old district, before 2011, residents have been relying on coal-fired heating, both safe and environmental pollution. 2011 to 2013 period, the city shipped three batches of the implementation of the district to the coal to gas". In view of the city transportation district residents are most families of laid-off workers, it is difficult to live, community and neighborhood actively contact the East District Environmental Protection Bureau, transportation district for 242 residents per household for natural gas pipeline and handing out grants 1371.1 yuan, a total of 331806 yuan. In the face of xicongtianxiang grants, 242 residents sent representatives to the community on the expression of gratitude plaque.


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