Go to the green tourism enthusiasm Fujian start thousands of people swim in the United States and Qi

May 6th, the United States and Qinghai tourism promotion group held in Xiamen, the 2015 major U.S. tourism promotion in Qinghai and Fujian million people swim in the United States launched the Qinghai ceremony". During the event, the people of Fujian have been dumped by Qinghai grand and magnificent scenery, in promoting the local tourism sector, Fujian tourists to green tourism enthusiasm, has been expected to exceed million.

promotional activities, the Provincial Tourism Bureau of ecological leisure tourism, high-speed rail travel, Qinghai Tibet railway tourism, Yushu tourism, self driving travel and bicycle around the lake tourism products focused on publicity and promotion. Two travel companies signed a cooperation agreement.

it is reported that since Xining to Xiamen, Xining to Fuzhou flights since the opening of the Qinghai, Fujian, the two sides continue to deepen cooperation in tourism, the two passengers to send each other to get substantial progress. In 2014, there were many trips to Xining in Fuzhou, and the number of people traveling to Fujian increased year by year. 2015 Fujian is expected to exceed the number of visitors million passengers. Xiamen Airlines International Travel Agency official said, Qinghai tourism 5 days travel registration has nearly a hundred people, in late May, the first team will go to green tourism.


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