nternet companies should follow the principles of naming

modern network developed, so many people began to use the Internet to make money. Want to make money on the Internet, because it is a new virtual platform, so there are a lot of skills worthy of our attention. Today, let’s talk about the name of the network company.

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is not equal to the length of the short. A simple name is repeated with only a few letters in the alphabet. If Coca-Cola has 8 letters, it uses only 4 letters. The simple name easy to spread, concise and comprehensive, clear, easy to attract customers, people will greatly improve the possibility of the name of word of mouth, and can communicate a wide range of meanings to consumers, contributes to brand Lenovo, caused by the desire for communication.

3,   name should reveal the category of

the above is about the network company name skills and should follow the way. We Chinese name since ancient times is very particular about, we want to continue this spirit to the network name, it will give us more success in the business!

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