Love movie into the community to invite hundreds of left behind children to watch movies for free

Children’s Day, receive what gift the most happy? West City newspaper joint Ding brothers studios, and Jo North commercial Lane community love movie into the community series of public activities in fourth games started, 100 families invited provincial left-behind children watching the popular movie "Duo A dream".

movie "Duo A dream", also known as the "Viking", a famous Japanese animation, A Doraemon is the protagonist of the story, is a cat robot from the future of the world, with his magic treasure bag and all kinds of wonderful props to help him solve all kinds of problems. Doraemon’s story takes people into a wonderful, imaginative world. Therefore, it can be used as an evergreen image, accompanied by the growth of several generations of children. In May 22nd, Ding An brothers studios general manager Yang Yongping said, in general, when parents and children enjoy the joy of the left-behind children, parents are busy living, migrant workers, children can only keep the phone, silently miss their parents. The left behind children’s viewing, studio carefully selected a good cartoon, will be very suitable for children. At the same time, they also hope that through such a way to appeal to all sectors of society, common concern left behind children, pay attention to their living environment.

the viewing quota is limited, please stay behind as soon as possible, as soon as possible the difficulties of the family registration.

registration Tel: 4383501

registration address: North commercial Lane Community (commercial Lane 3, electronic city field Lane)


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