Monitoring report shows that the province has steadily improved the level of scientific and technolo

According to the Ministry of science and technology on the release of the "2012 National Science and technology progress monitoring report" shows that the overall trend of Qinghai province’s scientific and technological progress level in steadily, 26, four regions from 2006 32.71%, raised to 40.68% in 2011, ranked 23 in three regions, the progress of Science and technology, environmental science and technology activities output index keep the national rank in the upper levels.

in 2012, our province and further implementation of innovation driven development strategy, constantly optimize the environment for innovation, integration of science and technology resources, organization and implementation of major science and technology projects, comprehensive and sustainable development of the province’s economic and social support, pushing the industrial cluster and agricultural science and technology information service system construction, accelerate the transformation and development of science and Technology Park, to stimulate the enthusiasm of scientific and technological enterprises the promotion of development mode, and strive to improve the province’s green development. On the basis of the scientific and technological progress of the province’s contribution to economic growth has been significantly improved, the total amount of scientific and technological resources, steady growth, scientific and technological innovation capacity. (author: Jia Ming)


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