North three initiatives to accelerate the development of rural cultural tourism

north region to further implement the province’s cultural tourism integration development conference spirit, relying on the "ring of summer tourism circle" eco tourism resources and location advantages, take effective measures to speed up the pace of rural culture tourism development. First, increase investment, improve and enhance the level of infrastructure. A total investment of 12 million Yuan Xiang fun tourism facilities farming culture ecological park upgrade project will mainly build acres of lavender flowers, construction of Hehuang features 50 houses in Qinghai City, the film build self driving camp reception and facilities of Xining’s largest and most comprehensive. At present, the project has completed 40% of the project, completed an investment of $4 million 800 thousand. At the same time, the investment of 5 million yuan Tao Bei village farmhouse project investment of 13 million 100 thousand yuan, Jin Jia Wan driving camp project for the north will further accelerate the development of tourism, leisure, entertainment, picking folk experience as one of the rural tourism industry and lay a solid foundation. The two is to send the play to the countryside, enrich people’s cultural and entertainment activities. The North has recently launched a set of dance, drama and local folk art boutique show summer tour activities to send the play to the countryside, towns, streets, rural area community will enjoy the summer evening cultural feast. Three is actively planning to expand the north area of rural cultural tourism awareness. With the help of the tourist season, actively planning the "peasant Art Festival", "Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce Festival", "country music festival and other festivals, and constantly enrich the cultural connotation of rural tourism, cultural tourism to explore the road of integration and development, promoting urban and rural development of mass cultural activities.


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