Xining Railway Station to seven second Lanzhou Xinjiang 2 standard command measures welcome winter

for the positive response to the severe test of the plateau, China Railway five Bureau of the Xining Railway Station to change the command of the Ministry of the 2 standard to take the initiative to ensure that the seven measures to ensure the smooth construction of winter.

2 standard to Xining Railway Station second Lanzhou Xinjiang project is located in the territory of Xining City, mainly for the extension of the Xining station, bridge station, Xining north station, double walled station four station. To strengthen the construction engineering quality and safety control in winter, winter to ensure the safety and quality of construction, the headquarters has taken seven measures: one is to strengthen the organization and management system, the timely establishment of the leading group. Two is the preparation of the "implementation of the construction organization", a reasonable determination of the construction site, the preparation of a practical plan for the construction of winter. Three is the strict implementation of the winter construction system, formulated the winter construction safety and quality management measures in detail, perfect the test, raw material and cold insulation, emergency disposal and other aspects of the management system. Four is to do a good job in winter construction quality control work. Five is to strengthen the safety management of winter construction. Six is to carry out regular winter construction quality and safety special inspection. Seven is to take the initiative to strengthen the contact with the local meteorological bureau, the collection of local weather data over the years, in a timely manner to grasp the trends and trends in the weather, do the preparatory work. (author: Kong Xiangrui Luo Changmin)

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