Chongqing Hechuan good occupation training assisted employment work

has the idea of entrepreneurship, but the professional knowledge is too strange, do not know how to do? Do not worry, the current government has provided a lot of training services, so as to help more entrepreneurs embarked on a successful road. Hechuan learned from the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security of the day before, the employment department of occupation training boost employment and entrepreneurship, "one person, one person employment training" and "business people out of poverty, one family" as the goal, to achieve accurate policy, precise force.

strengthen the management, the establishment of occupation training in the district office to co-ordinate the human social security bureau, to coordinate the occupation training work, specifically responsible for the formulation of the occupation training objectives and tasks, the collection of workers and enterprise training will regularly publish the human resources market supply and demand and occupation training information, to guide workers to choose occupation training project their own needs according to the market demand, overall record, manage and coordinate training institutions.

enterprises play the main role in the role of relying on all kinds of social occupation training institutions at the same time, to encourage qualified enterprises to establish internal training institutions; to organize various forms of staff training activities, combined with their own needs to vigorously implement the pre job training, on-the-job training, skills training, apprenticeship model of college students employment orientation training and enjoy the training subsidy according to the provisions. To support and guide enterprises to establish vocational qualification level and professional and technical titles corresponding salary and welfare system, as well as paid learning, training, vacation and other aspects of incentives.

focus on training and identification of the combination of cohesive strengthen training standard and national occupation standards, training personnel to obtain the national occupation qualification certificate or certificate as a special occupation ability evaluation of occupation skills training institutions and enjoy the main basis of training subsidies, promote the occupation training and skill appraisal combination.

innovative training model, guide enterprises and various types of occupation training institutions to demand, the implementation of enrollment and recruitment, training and employment combined with the combined model, take the form of training, along with the move to the countryside, training, training, training weekend evening, carry out orders, directional, gang and other forms of training, to provide convenient and quick service for workers and enterprises.

government to provide such services is not a form, but to give play to the actual role. To this end, the Hechuan employment department in Chongqing in order to allow local employment and entrepreneurship to get better development, in the continuous implementation of a variety of service policies, will help more investors career development.

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