Drip investigation is required to comply with the passenger taxi scheduling service specifications

drops believe that we are all very understanding, but also the most people travel with a software, now, has become a car owners earn extra money platform. So, in the drop on the account of the manned manned is a formal legal? Recently, the drops were investigated, a detailed look at the details of it!

in recent years about the car "has become a habit, a lot of people go out with the taxi drops to reserve a vehicle, which is convenient and fast. However, there are still a lot of problems with such vehicles, which should be managed.

Said the deputy director of the office of Shanghai city traffic enforcement corps

If violating the rules of information service providers to provide service information to move the car does not have the qualification of operation of the vehicle, will be fined 30 thousand yuan to 100 thousand yuan of the administrative penalty.

in addition to engaging in the taxi business pilot, the "Regulations" of Shanghai City Taxi Management in the forty-ninth stipulation: "by the city traffic enforcement corps District, traffic law enforcement agencies to confiscate the illegal income, impose a fine of two thousand yuan to fifty thousand yuan fine."



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