Entrepreneurial strength is very important.

now college graduates everywhere, in the face of such a huge crowd of college students, China’s employment is very grim, the State encourages college students to start a business. As part of the expansion of university enrollment, college graduates increased year by year, the employment pressure is increasing, the employment of female college students is the emergence of a hitherto unknown pressure, how to improve the ability of female college students, the authors of a recent period, there are some insights and understanding of female university students entrepreneurship, want to through the side of the case to talk about his own views.

A successful case of

there beside me, no choice of universities in Benxi County, a rural female college students komago college entrance examination, but according to their own actual situation from the country, determined to return home development of hazelnut industry, so when the college entrance examination candidates Shenyang Agricultural Uinversity rural economic management specialty, in school, she not only study involving economy, finance, management, marketing and other aspects of theoretical knowledge, also from the beginning, will seize all opportunities, for the future of entrepreneurial knowledge, she took the initiative to find the professor cobnut Nongda study, understand the relevant knowledge and skills.

It is because of

through various channels, to cultivate their entrepreneurial ability. Female college students to conduct business practices through various channels, to actively participate in business activities, such as business competition, but also actively participate in community organization activities, entrepreneurship training, part-time jobs, job experience, market and social investigation activities to social contact, understand the market, and hone their spirit, improve their comprehensive entrepreneurship ability.

Komago Benxi county school female students

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