European style furniture top ten brands list

now people in the decoration of the house will generally have a particular style of choice, but the style is different, the choice of furniture products will naturally be different. The European style because elegant noble in the market has always been the darling. To create a European style house, furniture is essential. In the furniture market, European style furniture dazzled us. How to choose? Starting from the brand is a good way…… European style furniture top ten brands list, together inventory.

European style furniture ten brand rankings: Kaiser heights


is a villa European furniture R & D, production and sales as one of the furniture brand, the brand furniture beauty Lele himself in the production of a brand, its products carved meticulously, each detail requirements are very high, because the product is manufactured in overseas made, so the product style is very the European Charm, Kaiser brand has always been to the villa is conducive to the atmosphere dignified posture of European furniture industry, in the industry has a very good reputation, is very worthwhile to buy European furniture brand.

European style furniture top ten brands ranked in the top two: Han Phil

A very famous European furniture brand

Han Phil the European furniture brand is owned by America Lele furniture, the furniture brand has been a European style garden, a small fresh style, the brand color mainly with elegant colors, mainly white, white is divided into white crescent ivory white, white lotus, white color with liz. Han Phil design style is very delicate and beautiful, give people a sense of comfort and tranquility, very natural taste, elegant and refined.

European style furniture top ten brands ranked in the top three: Peugeot furniture

Peugeot furniture has a different style of European style furniture, its style is very distinctive pastoral, nature of the flowers is very good for the furniture above, can make people feel a deep sense of natural breath in the use of furniture, is very valuable, Peugeot furniture is a relatively well-known the European furniture brand, all have their own unique understanding of European style furniture.

European style furniture top ten brands ranked in the top four: Royal Furniture

Royal furniture is a furniture brand, a positioning in the high-end European style furniture, European furniture brand the effective combination of various substances of western culture and life, to Central European furniture into the high quality of life, the high-end brand has very Home Furnishing tide, the furniture is very luxurious. With the European aristocracy or Royal European furniture brand. The selection of its material is very particular about the unique production process. < >