Accelerate the development of green low-carbon Jiyuan increase public bicycle

With the improvement of the economic level, people’s consumption ability has also been an unprecedented increase in the number of cars in the market is also increasing, but the environment is facing more and more serious pollution

. In August 10th, the reporter learned from Jiyuan City, in the recently released "2015 low carbon low carbon Chinese case selection", public bicycle demonstration projects and the public service system of Jiyuan city as an outstanding case published log book.

it is reported that "2015 low carbon low carbon China case selection" is led by the national development and Reform Commission, by the state information center, the international organization Chinese folk cooperation "Green Travel Fund" and Chinese low-carbon alliance jointly organized and implemented and released.

Jiyuan city public bicycle demonstration project started construction and put into operation in 2013, 33 sites in the first phase of construction, set up 600 lock, invested 500 bicycles, total investment is 5 million 600 thousand yuan. With the construction of ecological city, low carbon city concept deeply rooted, 500 public bicycles have been unable to meet the needs of the public low-carbon travel. In 2014 the city’s transport sector to implement the two phase of the public bicycle project, the new site of the 14, and then put into the bike and the car lock of the 300 300.

Jiyuan public travel service system around the construction of green recycling low-carbon transportation system, and constantly promote the development of public transport priority, a substantial increase in the proportion of public transport travel. The transportation department to optimize passenger line network layout and station layout, pushing through ticketing, online booking, telephone booking, convenient booking and information service, improve passenger loading rate. At the same time, vigorously develop green freight and modern logistics, accelerate the construction of modern logistics base with warehousing, transportation, packaging, distribution, trading and other integrated functions.

speed up the development of green low-carbon, Jiyuan increase public bicycle, can effectively reduce the pollution of the city, while convenient for people to travel. At the same time, according to the relevant news that the Provincial Communications Department experts said, Jiyuan City Project in our province is actively promoting the construction of ecological civilization, accelerate the green low-carbon development achievements, will also provide a good reference for our province other city low carbon transportation development.

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