See how the winning counterparts Yonghui supermarket

the daily life of people cannot do without the supermarket, basically every week to the supermarket to purchase, the supermarket opened countless home, there are many large and small brands, among them, Yonghui supermarket influence, credibility is high, business is also very good.

7 30, Yonghui supermarket display data released the first half of the performance report, the first half of this year, Yonghui supermarket revenues of 20 billion 835 million yuan, compared with 17.69% of 17 billion 703 million yuan over the same period last year; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 527 million yuan, an increase of 16.3%.

The net profit

geographical revenue, Huaxi District revenue 7 billion 19 million yuan, ranking first in the District, Fujian and the Beijing region followed, revenues were 5 billion 548 million yuan and 3 billion 192 million yuan. Yonghui supermarket in 1-6 month 23 new stores, new signing 32 stores; have not signed up to 183 stores opened.

first did not develop its own App and PC side, only to form micro shop in some areas (Fuzhou) on the electricity supplier. But according to the semi annual report in the description, Yonghui will focus on promoting the O2O, including electronic business platform, sea Amoy, App transformation, Yonghui wallet etc..

is currently in the Fuzhou stronghold, the mode of operation of on-line more than a year of Yonghui micro shop is to accept the order system background, the order will be matched to the order from the address of a store recently, shipment and delivery by the store.

but in intensive stores in Fuzhou City, Yonghui did not let each store electricity supplier docking system, but in every area of selected stores stocking and distribution. This model is similar to Darunfa’s flying cow network, WAL-MART Sugoo practices, and distribution efficiency is very high, in Fuzhou, Yonghui micro shop distribution effect can be the fastest 2 hours to.

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