Wedding O2O will be a typical cash cow business prospects are promising

wedding in a lot of people seem to be quite a lucrative industry, its industry chain is very long. For example, food (such as marriage banquet), tourism (such as honeymoon), beauty photography, jewelry (such as diamond); a simple wedding ceremony also includes four elements: wedding planning, wedding dress, wedding photography, wedding services procurement. Every year, about 8 million pairs of couples get married, each couple’s wedding costs calculated by $100 thousand, the market size of up to 800 billion; moreover, marriage is just an absolute need.

O2O experienced in the early pursuit of "high frequency", began to include the wedding, "low frequency" field; previous O2O venture words must catering situation in transition, more and more entrepreneurs with advanced Internet thinking and tools such as wedding starting weight category. From a practical point of view, do wedding O2O may be easier to achieve profitability, the industry has a part of the players in the muffled sound of wealth; for the big platform, the wedding O2O will be a typical cash cow business. The existing

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