Zhejiang public space to help promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievement

now the whole society is in a period of public entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship in such a background, provides a lot of personalized service in Zhejiang province but also for many entrepreneurs, to meet some of the entrepreneurs entrepreneurship needs.

Deqing according to the actual situation, taking advantage of the industry, explore their own development path. First, try to cooperate with large enterprises, the use of social capital of listed companies to build the industrial chain, to achieve win-win situation. Two is committed to providing personalized service to create customized, to create a "Internet + park" features "cloud technology park", the use of large data, cloud computing, mobile Internet platform, technology innovation park in Deqing daily office management of incubating enterprises, to provide online social networking and resource sharing services, build park O2O business platform. At present, Deqing County science and Technology Bureau is working with key enterprises such as joint force, to create a professional transformation of traditional Chinese medicine processing base for the results of the pilot industry to provide services. At the same time, the county science and Technology Bureau and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang Portland blue energy technology build three natural medicines and green energy test base.

three, provide financial support to

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