How to avoid a quarrel with the customer in the hot summer

winter temperature reduced, many people are not willing to move, but in the hot summer, because the temperature of the reasons, there may be a lot of owner accidentally spat with the customer, the late for the store is very unfavorable. In short, the summer high temperature, especially easy to get angry, temper becomes irritable, angry and angry quarrel with people.

and if retail merchants and customers altercation conflict, not only will lose the customer, but also to other customers to leave a bad impression, lose the reputation of the shop, but also bring unpredictable losses. So, in the hot summer, our retail business how to keep the mood calm, to avoid conflict with customers quarrel, happy business? I did it –


for retail businesses: in fact, the customer is not God, and our God, our food and clothing, housing and transportation, which is not the same as to the customer (the customer does not buy you something, you can buy a car to buy clothes?). Therefore, we should treat customers, respect for customers, no matter what kind of situation, and customers can not quarrel.

first, I wrote a "customer is God; customer is God" banners, hanging above the counter opposite, when I was not in good mood to quarrel conflict and unruly customers, I will take a look at this banner, think about food and clothing, the whole family, old and young and live, and the daughter to go to school the piano, the cost of purchasing power depends on every customer, so there is a bear cow stomach, still smiling out of our customers. Moreover, when the customer to see the banner, but also from the bottom of my heart to feel warm and respected, thus leaving a good impression on the shop in mind, after the visit is also a matter of course.

second, in the shop to play some relaxing classical music, both to improve the quality of the grade of the shop, but also to make people in the sultry summer, the mood suddenly, relaxed and happy. And when people feel good, his way is the way of getting along with people is positive, good, warm comfortable feeling, can give customers a business deal and Guests feel at home., to encourage customers to visit again greatly.

The reason why

is prone to quarrel with people in high temperature, which in fact has a very big influence with the temperature. As long as we can calm down, the opportunity to quarrel naturally will be greatly reduced. So, if you want to let the retail store in the summer time can also be calm and the customer to deal with, the above two kinds of small tricks introduced by the skills may wish to use.

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