Fuzhou and strive to help lead the three years of entrepreneurship in the 15 thousand

now for entrepreneurship, not only has a variety of preferential policies around, while there is a clear target number of help, so that the development of entrepreneurship around the country has a great push. This reporter recently learned that the Fuzhou municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau has developed a "Fuzhou action plan (2016 ~ 2018)" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan").

"plan" put forward, from 2016 to 2018, the city of Fuzhou to lead 15 thousand people helping college students entrepreneurship, which is not less than 8000, led 60 thousand people in employment, entrepreneurship training 10 thousand people; cultivate above the level of all kinds of business incubators, business park, a passenger space demonstration base of more than 20, focus on supporting 300 outstanding entrepreneurial projects; new business loans 300 million yuan or more.

mentioned in the "plan", held every two years on both sides of the Straits (Fuzhou) entrepreneurial innovation competition and entrepreneurship project presentations, landing in Fuzhou hundred outstanding projects from competition review, directly apply for 30 thousand yuan to 100 thousand yuan in start-up funding.

in addition, college graduates first venture, receive a business license or other business qualifications, and the normal tax business more than 6 months, by the local business tax (city) district government to give a one-time subsidy of 5000 yuan opened; colleges (including technical colleges) in school students and graduates, registration within 5 years after graduation unemployment and employment difficulties of renting business premises, can enjoy the longest two years, no more than 50%, the highest annual rent of 3000 yuan venture funding.

in the business of secured loans, college students can apply for a maximum of 300 thousand yuan of their own venture capital guarantee loans, the rest of the maximum amount of loans to meet the conditions of $100 thousand.

program also supports universities, research institutes and other state-owned enterprises and institutions of professional and technical personnel to complete the work under the premise of engaging in scientific and technological entrepreneurship. To undergo entrepreneurship, without affecting the normal operation of the original unit, upon his own application, the original unit agreed, approved by the competent authorities, according to the cadre management authority reported by the organization and personnel department in advance for the record, can keep its human relations in 3 years.

and other units of the original staff in the same position to participate in the evaluation of professional titles, job promotion and social security and other aspects of the right to return to the original unit, according to the original rank treatment arrangements. The original unit shall, according to the actual situation of the professional and technical personnel, sign or change the employment contract, clarify the rights and obligations.

, the reporter also learned that after the assessment to meet certain standards of Taiwan youth entrepreneurship project, Fuzhou city can give 50 thousand to 150 thousand yuan in start-up funding support, and recommended to declare the provincial key business projects, outstanding entrepreneurial projects and the corresponding subsidies. At the same time, municipal arrangements recommended 300

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