mport wallpaper ten brands list

wall decoration, due to the pursuit of modern beautiful quality, traditional latex paint instead of being loved by more families, wallpaper began to be warmly welcomed, ushered in a huge business market. And because of the large demand, imported wallpaper began to get better and better development. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of imported wallpaper list, so as to give you a better choice of reference.

imported wallpaper list of the top ten brands: Exhibition Ba Di

Italy exhibition Di Di Group is now Italy’s largest wallpaper manufacturer. As the world’s most influential wallpaper industry and strength of multinational enterprises, show in the early Di worship group 90s to establish Chinese owned factories, the Chinese factory products not only for the domestic market, but also for the offshore market for export.

imported wallpaper top ten brands ranked two: Brewster

Brewster wallpaper (China) Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Brewster Wallcovering Company in order to better serve the Chinese market. Brewster China will integrate global resources in the domestic market and the simultaneous release.

imported wallpaper top ten brands ranked three: WALLQUEST

world famous wallpaper brand! Is the largest wallpaper design, research and development, production institutions, with the industry’s largest and most modern production base! Famous for its American countryside, Damascus style and innovative technology in the industry! Its products are popular with many successful people in North America and china!

imported wallpaper top ten brands ranked four: RASCH

Rasch wall is located in the German Brahm round the city but also to service Chinese market directly in the China established branch of the world brand wallpaper.

imported wallpaper top ten brands ranked five: YORK

York wallpaper is one of the oldest and largest professional wallpaper manufacturers in the United states! Since 1895 was born in Pennsylvania, began production of fabric wallpaper. After several generations of hard work, the company continues to grow and progress, and gradually become the United States professional, the most famous wallpaper manufacturers. Today, York’s products throughout the world every corner, relying on a unique design concept and technology, and gradually become the world’s leading representative of the United States and the benchmark wallpaper!

imported wallpaper top ten brands ranked six: BN