Three years’ experience in Web Designer

in the twinkling of an eye, I have been in touch with the design for three years, and I have been in the design of this road running,


remembers that after graduating from high school, friends chose to repeat. At the recommendation of an uncle, I went to a vocational school to study the design I had never met. Before contact design, I rarely touched the computer, let alone a little understanding of the design. Just know, I learned, you can go out to earn money.


entered the school, on the first day of school, the teacher brought out some designers to show us, to tell us how this is good, that how good, but at that time, I was in addition to admire, the heart is more curious, this is how to do it. In the early part of the school, we follow the teacher every day to learn some of the basic tools PS application, do something now simple. Slowly, as I became familiar with the application of the basic tools in PS, I started the pure imitation of the page and began to mimic the details of the good pages.

When the

in the school second near the end of the term, I walked into my three years of the worst mood, girlfriend due to graduation, plus the reason for the drastic break up, experienced people I want to know how I feel. As she was getting on the train, I said to her, "you can rest assured that I’ll soon learn the technique and come out to see you.". (at that time the school has one-year and two-year, she read it for a year, and I was two years) at that time but also to have their own further pursuit of design. Remember that year’s summer vacation, there is no computer in his home, but it is happy that at that time my cousin just brought back a host from school, and he also bought a big butt monitor. Then every morning I would ride a car to his house to do the design, at noon braved the hot sun and ride home, do the design I have to send one of my teachers every time, let him give me directions. In this way, I spent the short summer vacation.

The beginning of the third phase of

is also the beginning of a real learning design. The school system was the foundation of the first year, and second years began to teach the design and teach us how to design a good website. At that time, Hao brother became my design teacher. At that time, I intend to use this period of time to learn everything this year, and I want to learn it quickly and go out well. So I have to find a design in the class the more powerful partner, we have the time, will go to other classes, with their own machine to do the exercises, the school is sometimes found (the school has provided not to graduate soon, not to someone else’s room to do the exercises, disturb them. We will go to the Internet cafe), learning to do exercises. At the end of the third period, I talked to the head teacher. (there were several teachers in the school who were very kind to me, and there was nothing to say between us). But the teachers all said, there are many important points, the fourth will be taught, and with some other reasons, I intend to finish reading these fourth issues.


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