Webmaster business need to be careful, choose the team is the most important

said, "webmaster entrepreneurship" this topic, I don’t know, now most of the webmaster is work while doing stand, or own start doing the site, in fact, these two are for future business success preparation. So what do you need to do before you start a business? Here’s a story about Xu Jinsheng who started a business. In fact, I want to share some experiences, but some real lessons.

what is an entrepreneurial team,


entrepreneurial team means that there is a common goal of the formation of two or more than two individuals, together engaged in business activities, a team to build a business, a team and in the establishment of the company already exists, but also refers to is in the business of early stage (including before the establishment and the establishment of enterprises early), complementary to a group. A special group of people who share responsibility and are willing to strive for common entrepreneurial goals.

What kind of people does

need for an entrepreneurial team

graduated from university in May 10, and came to Ezhou with a few of his classmates. This few talk to students due to other reasons came to Ezhou is only 3, the first team has only 3 people, in fact, before graduation in the school together do a lot of things, from the beginning of the school was the first forum to do speech and Eloquence Association together, then to the end the Blizzard games Association, is a small team last development from one of the original, and the team is very understanding of the good relations that do things together, especially with passion.

was the first to introduce our team, our big, overall planning, a 90 very clever old mature man, should be regarded as a rich two generation, mainly home building materials wholesale business, it is to make money. Of course, the idea that the fat is more special, also is the kind of thinking of jumping. Cooperate with him for two years, feeling he learned from a lot of things, may be born in a business family, fat in the environment under the influence of the kind of money especially active thinking. Remember, his most successful thing is 09 years of summer vacation, through the sale of protective lenses for more than three hours, earned more than 3000 quick money. Wuhan had a solar eclipse, when the big fat in Internet cafes playing games, suddenly see the QQ pop pop news of the eclipse, and then he thought of the eclipse is also depends on the business idea. Because the summer sun in Wuhan is very harsh, but the eclipse is very rare, of course, is particularly attractive to people to focus on big, the thought of going to a place in people selling some kind of eye lenses for everyone to watch the solar eclipse, the specific steps I is not described in detail, the cost price of only a few lenses a dime, and fat in more than three hours of the 5 quickly sold more than 800. The successful case that I have to admire the big economic mind. So our team planning and implementation of the scheme is to arrange the big what.

Luhua, a very high handsome boy, is also a very loyal man very much "

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