Wang Yihui what is the most exciting thing to do a website

what is the most exciting site? Not received how many dollars, not traffic and long thousands of IP, nor is ALEXA’s ranking, and today how many?.

website is the most exciting, and get the user’s approval and concern, praised by the user and criticism. Every time I saw in TNTBBS users praise or criticism of the post, I feel full of excitement.! Users praise is the greatest encouragement, user criticism is the biggest challenge. These are the biggest drivers of web development. Cheating brush ALEXA is self deception, cheating to engage in traffic is self deception, blind investment promotion is a. All the actions that betray users will eventually be spurned.

in the traditional society, people have to make money in the network that use unscrupulous divisive tactics, people will have more people; because the integrity and success in the traditional society, the network will also There are plenty of people who. The state-owned national dignity and human dignity, the site also has website character, character website brand, not only the character of site temporary interests, when the glory, is evergreen. A user’s praise is better than 100 thousand IP traffic, a user’s affirmation is better than 100 thousand yuan of advertising investment. This is not alarmist, pompous.

we look at a website and we’ll see how the user judges him. How many users are affirming him, praising him, supporting him and helping him?. This index exceeds the amount of visits, views, and team numbers over all surface and formal VC cheats.

network has invested millions of sites have not received a user’s affirmation is still less such a website boom is temporary, bankruptcy sooner or later.

users have many ways of identifying the site. Please write a few expert blow, or circle of expert shamelessly flatter each other, boring against each other. These do not mean the concern of the user, do not represent the affirmation of the client. The user adds your website to collect, set as home page, recommend to the friend, gave you advice. Your traffic is getting less and less from search engines. More and more imports come from direct input or bookmark import.

, you have a lot of repeat customers. Someone is willing to sponsor them. Some people are willing to make money out of their own pockets. This is definitely for the website. These are all our webmaster’s most exciting thing. We should not only get the user’s temporary affirmation, but also get the long-term affirmation and permanent affirmation of the user. Because we want to stay cool forever,



the most exciting thing to do is to get the user’s approval. Webmaster to cool, first let users cool. Adsense want to keep cool for a long time, must let the user for a long time to cool down.

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