Some ideas about micro-blog marketing triggered by nude seats

10.15 news that the Suzhou Jinji Lake Blue "naked female seat" controversy, such as sitting woman bosom friends joked low creative or profane women? Although micro-blog park official response is non ornamental statue seats, have moved to arrange a suitable place. Although the chairs that have caused the uproar have been removed, the real thinking about it may have just begun. Aside from the low originality, not to say, blasphemy women do not say, alone in micro-blog triggered uproar, has been sensitive to do micro-blog these people nerve.


micro-blog marketing is about fast, efficient, accurate dissemination of brands, events or activities, can be very good interaction with customers, listen to the voice and evaluation of customers. Bloggers need to publish content to dedicated to update, positive interaction, by setting a reasonable selection of name label, easy to remember, a simple micro-blog URL address, detailed personal information, through various activities such as topic, voting activities, interaction to obtain high quality fans, then micro-blog marketing. Or enterprise official micro-blog, or customer service micro-blog (micro service) or product micro-blog (micro PR) or market micro-blog (micro marketing).

Why can

small month in just a few days to reach the network reproduced crazy situation, why the naked seat in the micro-blog era in a short period of time triggered heated debate raised a great disturbance, triggered a strong concern Mo Yan winning in micro-blog? Weibo2.0 source of information era of information dissemination can be said to be high efficiency, wide coverage, get in by every opening, every odd fast things, usually controversial things more will attract more attention and controversy, micro-blog is more communication we speak the local as well as the base of information diffusion.

want to do micro-blog marketing is very good grasp the use of micro-blog people heart, do micro-blog positioning, micro-blog update speed too fast, analysis of age and label micro-blog groups, use the function to find friends to find fans, identify the micro group, grab people’s new map, nice figure, figure funny, humorous figure heart, doing activities or interactive or event marketing using the principle of "all around customer" success to attract the attention of fans, comments, forwarding, participate in activities.

want to do micro-blog marketing, remember to eager for quick success and instant benefit, micro-blog marketing is a long battle, not overnight. The micro-blog platform is also a platform to show your charisma. Your speech, your comments, all reflect your personality, your hobbies and interests. You need to provide valuable content for fans, or humorous jokes for fans of physical pleasure, or a professional valuable content for fans to share or learn a lot of things to your purpose, or let the fans enjoy the illustrated blog. In short, the content of your blog should be meaningful and valuable. You want to update the blog, not for a long time ten days and a half months not update or update too fast, don’t let the fans think you in shuabing. Add powder by interactive or voting or forwarding or comments

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