You need to know how to analyze user requirements

do station, need to know how to analyze user needs, a web site is good or bad, it feels that its analysis of user needs is not delicate enough, for a site positioning. We should first take into account the location of the site’s users. (such as the site of the station network is aimed at the crowd, he put this part of the crowd needs to do a site analysis, trading a trading platform, this analysis webmaster need advice, and to learn the knowledge. So webmaster network to webmaster users do a good and delicate analysis, know what we need)

I have also done an education type composition website, I put the website users in primary and secondary school students, and make a certain analysis of the online demand of primary and secondary students. Then locate the layout of the entire site and the design of the channel. The name of the website, I think for a long time, and finally called "junior high school composition nets" (, in fact, this network name is entirely because of SEO, because the junior high school composition Baidu index is not bad, but also for the sake of traffic. In addition, I have done an analysis of users, the Internet is mostly junior high school students, access to sufficient time.

, I’ve been doing this for almost 3 months now, PR has reached 2, and IP is over 500 per day. You can go to 1000IP on weekends. Although these are nothing, but I will continue to do this station. I believe in the near future, my website will occupy a place among the students. Also hope that we do website, should pay attention to the needs of users. Don’t make oil million websites, no location, the site is not practical, must focus on the analysis of the needs of users, the whole framework of the site to do a detailed analysis, in order to let you have a space for one person in this industry.

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