Blog collection of weight enhancement and writing skills

The most important thing about

blog optimization is to keep the original content updated. But many of my friends have said their original article is not ideal in the rankings or why so good? I want to tell you is not to update and update the blog, hope you can bring them to the valuable content for visitors. Most blog seo optimization of the best measure is to update the content consistent with the blog theme, the goal is to get high-quality other sites reprinted, so as to quickly add the chain, enhance blog weight.

insists on improving the quality and relevance of the article

1, adhere to the high quality originality of the article

2, published articles related to the industry portal

3, in this way, adhere to the daily update

4, links to related sites in and outside the station (like my Bo excellent blog often reproduced some funny articles inside the QQ space


is another way, you keep writing, then your article reprinted to other forums or blog feeds like, but it also has a negative impact, you just need to adhere to a daily update, will spend a lot of time. If the content of the blog is a simple diary, the possibility of being reprinted is very low. Our primary goal is to obtain high-quality inbound links and reach the expected value of visitors’ reprint.

addition, you say your writing is not good, can’t write so much how to do high quality articles be reproduced? I have an excellent article is reproduced in other related websites you blog, note the name of the source, the guide visitors browse relevant excellent articles, the weight of your website promotion is good and because you need help visitors get content, and search engine for the visitor service principle is the same.

writing about blog articles

I want to write blog method, everyone is different, I will introduce some of my blog writing methods, to give you a reference.

1, enable temporary Title

2 defines the title keyword (such as a keyword in a particular series)

3, write the structure of the article, make a draft,

4, read the full text and fix the title and article again.

5, other considerations (such as the typos and so on)

– publish to blog, check the format of the article,

officially released his blog: check whether spiders crawl

visitors after browsing: if necessary, supplement and adjust

spider Grab: post to related industry portal

a few days later, check back link, and reprint rate of 1-3 of the process, need 1-2 hours or so, 4-5 of the work, need 3 times or so

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