A non grassroots webmaster ten years of life road

Hello, see so many webmaster articles on Admin5, very touching, I also write my own, and we exchange, do not know what name, as if the root is my only feature, because relatively easy everyone, it seems that I like easy road I have been in, only to find more or less trouble, so called non grassroots webmaster ten years


is my real experience, so it should be or something, this is the first time I published the test before the graduate students want to write, I do not know how the lack of a little power, until now, to become a member of the owners, owners of the feeling is not easy. Or let you touched it not


to explain a little why not call the grass, because I graduated from computer science, but also a study of elite students, therefore, should not be considered a grassroots it, although the feeling that the grassroots is very cool, but I am not.


calls for ten years, which will start from ten years ago, in 1996, I was admitted to a university in Shanghai, one of the two, though always feel uncomfortable psychological, always thinking of his mistakes, there are reasons for the college entrance examination was sick, thought is not at home a good fight for years, finally came to Shanghai, may also lack the courage to think now is probably right, maybe I don’t have the talent.

came to Shanghai, the psychological always a little unconvinced, because reading is not like their chemistry, the school is not very satisfied. But I do not know how, at the time of the computer more preference, I don’t think now how much contact computer ah, why love? Maybe it thought and mathematics close to it, because I love mathematics reasoning, love.

freshman, learning DOS, because in high school only a few contacts with the basic language, did not contact the DOS, and DOS also does not have a concept, so learning seems to be completely different, no entry. The deepest impression is that in the machine room, because do not understand, so in order not to book knock, then, ask the teacher, why not? The teacher said a word, I was hit, he said that how you do not die so ah. This method, I also slowly

come to understand, until later when I had ordered the concept, I fully understand what dos is, I learn very well, that time is curious about various orders, then the command finished after their own to buy Zhang Guangpan, when I took the first disc, the psychological feeling the complex, because I think, there are a number of procedures ah, if I have learned, it is not very much, then took the floppy disc thing copied out, because the school room is not CD-ROM machine, I have no brain, can only be copied back to the school computer room learning, feeling very strong, that moment.

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