Some experiences of e-commerce development in local information network

talked about the local information website promotion experience with you yesterday, and today we will discuss the development of e-commerce in local information network.


e-commerce has been developed areas accepted, but relatively undeveloped areas, e-commerce, online shopping will be more reminiscent of a liar, the quality is not good ideas in these areas, online shopping is far less than the local shopping, we have to analyze the electronic commerce and the local store difference. The local shop entities, you can try try, if there is a problem can also be returned to find businesses, quality guaranteed, in general, the prestige is a problem, if we can get a kind of electronic commerce with entity shop reputation, then people will accept electronic commerce, which gives a development opportunity for the webmaster.

owners can rely on local information network to establish a local C2C electronic commerce website, by the local information network security, combined with local businesses, the local businesses to sell products to the Internet, it has some benefits, a person in the purchase of goods, it is not possible to have a shop around, if there is a the local mall, consumers can go online to check the price, quality, service and other information in the purchase of goods, not a shop to buy, it will become a gay male Gospel (not to accompany a wife to go shopping legs folded). Because the network goods are sold in the local shops, quality and reputation are secure, e-commerce and local shopping will not have the difference, and because the network shops convenient and simple, will be accepted by the public. E-commerce can bring a lot of tourists for the merchants, owners can charge a fee from the merchant. When the local e-commerce has a high reputation, is the most accepted site could cooperate with businesses on the Internet, because the site itself has a high reputation, so for good quality, low price business, people will accept, of course, this requires local e-commerce sites to develop credit guarantee a series of plans. When choosing cooperative businesses first need to choose low price, good reputation of the business, the best local shops, then try to select local businesses are not Some commodities, the website to help businesses sell goods, natural network businesses need to pay a fee, if the local consumers, it can bring a lot of profit for the business, a relatively small investment, it is very worthwhile, the network business of low prices, is bound to impact on local businesses, competition and business, the purpose of protecting the the principle of local businesses, we can charge a fee to the competition of local businesses, to replace the network business income that a loss, this is the third income, to the site later, the website of the United merchants launched business discount card, the cardholder to the network shopping malls and cooperative businesses to buy goods can enjoy discounts. The site can sell the discount card to the user, this is the fourth point of income. But not many discount cards, must limit the amount, otherwise it will become worthless.

local e-commerce should pay attention to a few points, there are many ways to charge, but not to consumers

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