Get to the bottom of the station. How do you get a gold mine that you can’t finish

said the station group for some strange, for some people feel very tired, very few people, the station group is a good resource, is an available way to make money, is a good helper, how to do the station? How many stations the effect of

?The concept of

station group

stations in the word is very strange for some grassroots webmaster, because they do not know what is the station group, a lot of people I know they have done for several years for the website, website construction can be said to be very familiar with, in the network company is also responsible for many projects, but he did not know how to make a station group what is the station group.

station group is simply "many sites", do so many website management is not tired? Many webmaster will think, I do a site updated daily maintenance chain are very tired, do a station that I am not dead, in fact is not like this. If you do you really know the station group, standing group of benefits, you will find that in fact stations easily.

What’s the advantage of


if you come into contact with SEO you may know, SEO needs the high quality of the chain, but you have no site resources, or to buy others Links or to each big forum to post, post too much, too easy to advertising to be deleted, so stations will let you have the site resources may not manifest early, but you choose long-term, station group is a very ideal project.

How do

station groups make money?

said the station group is said to make money, do so many stations do not make money, then the domain name space to have the money to spend a lot of money, I’m not, did not earn a penny at a loss, the people slaving away, ha ha… In fact, this is not the case, stations may be less than one or two months prior to earn what money, but longer earn more, some people say that the guest to make money, but you have thought about the Tao Tao thought competition? The future development and extension of


now station group how to make money? Is actually very easy to make money, you must think of advertising alliance, a few days ago to the "long" is a lesson, he said that if you rely on advertising to make money, you may not want to make money, must build up the family fortunes, to find a good project, so I want to say that project is not found, but out of practice, if you do a good job in this project, we will say, you do not do well in this project is definitely not a good project, but I agree with his words "execution", and then you no good project execution is not he make money, poor project, if you are good to him is very profitable.

So how to

stations through the station to make money? Is very simple, you do a station to the 2000IP, the day can only tens of dollars, so instead, you do dozens of stations, so you don’t have a few hundred dollars! There’s a word I want to refute the "long". 2000I>

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