Analysis of flash problem of advertising in Google Adwords

and advertising for many years with gradually find out his "personality", the so-called "flash" is their own advertising, display time is short, some users may not know the reason, then I will give you an analysis, express my own opinion:

1, why does advertising flash,


: lack of budget, advertising will automatically be assigned to each launch period, there should be flashes, flashing the disadvantage is that the quality score will be reduced by

solution: increase the budget, compress the time slot, and delete invalid keywords (for conversion).

2, why was there a display of ads the other day and no more today?


A), the budget is exhausted the day.

B) whether to change the advertisement today, resulting in audit.

C) the keyword is too low to be able to trigger an advertisement.

, D), the keyword quality score decreases, and the keyword becomes invalid.


A), the solution is the same as the first one.

, B) pending audit.

C), change keyword matching options, and go to the foreground search in 5 minutes.

, D) to improve keyword bidding, optimize keywords, optimize advertising characters, and improve quality score.

3, the background display keyword valid, but the front desk did not see.


, A), advertising has not yet been approved.

B) the viewing ad area is different from the set of advertising areas.

, C) keyword not triggered ad.


, A) pending audit.

B), look at the set area, and find the proxy server to search for.

C), answer with 2C.

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