Worthy of the six small business

as a small entrepreneur you, is not often for lack of funds and worry? Do you think there is no business to do? In this paper, we will introduce the six small entrepreneurial project is absolutely suitable for the early entrepreneurs, especially those who have less money to start the business, may wish to take a look at.

1, children photography

in Yangzhou, the focus is the infant young couple concerned, and is the core of the old love. "Little emperor", "little sun" phenomenon shows that infants and young children are the focus of the two generation of family consumption, and its consumption concept of fashion, fashion, security for the main features. The industry itself also put forward a higher demand for the development of the update, the product, culture, services into the market, is the biggest selling point of the photographic industry in the future.

2, guzheng training

is the most popular in the national musical instruments, some instruments are only a few people like, while the guzheng is suitable for most people. In recent years, Yangzhou guzheng education in primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and even the children’s palace and so on, is currently the most popular art class. Not only the students, many white-collar workers are now learning to play the guzheng in addition to love, love the music, they found that playing the zither can relieve the pressure, edify sentiment, improve the quality and accomplishment, and even change people’s temperament.

3, family small table

"small table" is a market, is the main reason so few aspects: home and school distance, go home at noon is not convenient; no school cafeteria or dining room is too small to work; some parents don’t have time to cook. The project investment is small, the target customer base is relatively stable, from the perspective of cost analysis, input and output accounting is simple, easy to control.

4, tea chain

tea chain, reduce business risk, take the shortcut to success. There is a whole chain headquarters as a backer, but also from the headquarters where access to professional and technical assistance, etc., to take the franchise business venture to do much less than the risk of independent business. At the same time, the headquarters of the management skills, business know-how and business knowledge training, and the formation of a standardized management system, franchisees to copy these standardized management, easy to succeed.

5, decorative car beauty shop

with the increasing number of car ownership in Yangzhou, as long as the improvement of service quality, there will be business development intentions. But at the same time in Yangzhou competition will be more intense. Experts suggest that if the shop is best to understand their own point of technology. Automotive beauty shop profit margins are relatively large, but the project is also relatively large upfront capital investment. Recommended

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