Two websites were plucked by Baidu at the same time

, my two websites were cleared by Baidu at the same time. It’s puzzling. One is and the other is

In front of the

is a business website, performance has been very good, in the Baidu 40+ ip. is behind every one of my blog, there is no violation of what place, and past performance is good.

what’s the reason for plucking this time,


is so dizzy,

always hear people say Baidu will let you stand suddenly disappeared, has not met, met today, good depressed! Wonder their traffic is not large, how will this encounter J SE? It seems to do Wangzhuan encounter is inevitable! Hope as soon as possible. The complex included Baidu, hope this is a clear misunderstanding! All kinds of viruses, Se cleared, will only make persistent webmaster more powerful! For example, realized can not be too dependent on Baidu, not only rely on search engines,

thanks! Stick to it! I believe that many webmaster and I have the same experience! Welcome to my blog:

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