Two revolution, whether operators can complete the blocking of WeChat


is WeChat’s success as we imagined a trend which cannot be halted, with 5 launch, WeChat eco and raised a notch, it can be said that if the current Internet technology companies no longer to think about ways to curb WeChat, then the day after WeChat break development way is not impossible.

I think we are all very clear about that. Actually, it is not that traditional operators have reached some kind of agreement with WeChat, and they are willing to escort WeChat. Who does not want to own the initiative, have their own trump card products, Mobile Fetion failure is a reminder, in order to regain control of the development opportunities, still need further hibernation.

Therefore, WeChat and WeChat China Unicom

card that I think is a delaying tactics, is a kind of upset, since completely unable to contain the development of WeChat, and then it is only one step of the strategic fengeng. But as telecom does not seem to be satisfied with the status quo, today from the A5 website to see a post, feeling very thorough analysis.


if only as a communication tool, may not let you start to panic, the panic, because WeChat is to bring you not only convenient, affordable and Commercial Bank gather ability, it can be said that WeChat on a profitable project, you can make an industry facing challenges. Like what text information, audio information for traditional operators challenge is now involved in a commonplace talk of an old scholar, WeChat, O2O and street making strange friends, this is a chain of products to create rhythm, can say a little attention, a WeChat function can let your project fail.

so easy to believe there will have more significance, setting up the product channel itself, with complete free resources, or complete blocking of WeChat, self realization of strategic value and so on, there can be said easecredit is traditional operators to again challenge WeChat, is the two revolution.

for easy to believe the success of blocking WeChat, realize self value, which we can’t, but one thing is certain, is currently operating strategy point of view, easecredit than before a lot of at least some clear Fetion, the occurrence of an action or a foundation, if you can well, then shaken for WeChat, competition is not possible.

then highlights and breakthrough in what? Benefits, I think it will be one of the most direct development, know a deals have been easecredit attracted easecredit users believe that use easecredit will waive the application traffic generated by the cost, but also more attractive is easy the letter does not belong to the exclusive telecommunications products, but the three operators can use each other, and unlike the previous Mobile Fetion business only for mobile users have some preferential policies, easecredit will use China Unicom, telecom three party support for mobile business, that is to say, easy credit users chat for free, if the receiver does not the installation is easy to believe, easecredit is still available Chinese >

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